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Community Corrections Managers Manual
General Information
Community Corrections Directory (January 27, 2015)
Map of Oregon 
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Administrative Rules and Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions
Community Corrections and Supervisory Authority Q&A
Local Supervisory Authority Manual
Intergovernmental Agreement and County Plans
Aside from statutory requirements and laws spelled out in Oregon Revised States, there are requirements as part of the intergovernmental agreement between the State and the County in administering and operating Community Corrections. The County is required to follow Oregon Department of Corrections’ Administrative Rules as outlined in the Intergovernmental Agreement.
The County is also required to meet or improve on certain outcomes that are included in the Intergovernmental Agreement. These outcomes assist in demonstrating the effectiveness of Community Corrections to the Legislature.
Intergovernmental Agreement Sample including Exhibit's A and B
County Plan Instructions and Forms
County Plan Amendment Forms
Corrections Information System (CIS)
Computerized Information System Access and Security Rule 
Self-Paced Training Guide and Authorization Form
CIS Reports Manual 
Office Procedures Manual 
FAST Information Manual
Liability Issues
Immunity for Local Supervisory Authority
ADA and Community Corrections - Overview
Potential Liabilities of Parole and Probation Officers, Revised Edition 
Civil Liabilities of Parole Personnel for Release, Non-Release, Supervision, and Revocation 
Liability Issues in Community Service Sanctions 
What if Something Happens? - A guide to Risk Management and Insurance Option for Community Service Programs
Sentencing and Presentence Investigations

Presentence Reports - OAR 291-038 (see sections 291-038-005 through 291-038-060 and
Worksheet Examples)
Applications of the Guidelines to Establish a Prison Term - OAR 255-035 (see sections 298-035-006 through 255-035-030)
Recent Sentencing Issues and Laws
ORS 144.791 - Presentence Report in felony convictions cases; when required
ORS 137.077 - Presentence Report; General Principles and disclosure
ORS 137.079 - Presentence Report; Other writing considered in imposing sentence; disclosure to parties; courts authority to except parts from disclosure
Felony Sentencing Guidelines Administrative Rules
Minimum Contents of Presentence Reports - OAR 213-013-010
Format for Presentence Reports - OAR 213-013-011

Case Management
Supervision and Contact Standards
Use of the classification and supervision level system (Oregon Case Management System) are mandatory, however, each county can define how they supervise their offenders. Outcome measures within the Intergovernmental Agreement create accountability for how offenders are managed.
Supervision Level
Risk Assessment (refer to Risk Assessments tab of OCMS Manual)
Initial Risk Instrument and Coding Instructions
Risk Reassessment and Coding Instructions
Sex Offender Assessment Instrument and Coding Instructions Cutoff scores
Sex Offense/Assault Offense
Contact Standards and Levels of Supervision
How a county supervised offenders is a local (county decision). The minimum contact standards previously established as part of OCMS are no longer mandated.
The county will notify the Department of Corrections of the contact standards so that they can be coded into the Corrections Information System (CIS). The management reports generated by CIS/ISIS will reflect the actual standards set in the county. Counties will take into account liability, focusing resources on the higher risk offenders as supported by research, local resources, and local values when making decision on contact standards.
Case Management System (Community Corrections) - OAR 291-078 
Initial Risk Assessment and Risk Reassessment Instruments and Instructions
Static 99/Stable Acute (see your SOSN Rep for manuals)
DOC Policy, determining County of Residence
Firearms and Weapons
Arrest, Detainers
Searches (Community Corrections) - OAR 291-028
Tribal Relations
Transfer (Community Corrections) - OAR 291-019
Travel Permits