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Dept. of Corr. - Recently Adopted Rules
This page contains rules that have been adopted by ODOC within the last three months, including temporary rules. Rules published by the Secretary of State are available online on a site maintained by the Oregon Secretary of State. The permanent rule compilation published by the Secretary of State are updated the first of every month.  
Programming Levels of the Intensive Management Unit
This rule modification is necessary to clarify that an inmate assigned to the Intensive Management Unit (IMU) who continues to present a serious management concern may be retained in an IMU or IMU status cell at custody level 5. Other changes are necessary to clarify what property is permitted within IMU.
Effective: 8/21/15 
Program for Inmates to Obtain a Driver License or Indentification Card Prior to Release
ORS 802.087 requires DMV and DOC to jointly adopt rules and enter into interagency agreements as necessary to assist inmates in obtaining a driver license or identication card prior to release from a correctional institution. DOC and DMV met to determine if there were changes to the agreement or rules that should be made. A few changes were identified that needed to be made in the rule as follows:
1. Refer to DMV's administrative rule regarding the renewal of a driver license or identification card rather than stating the card can be renewed up to 14 months in advance.
2. Allow DOC to complete an application packet for an eligible inmate up to 180 days in advance of the inmate's release date.
3. Remove the requirement that a photo of the inmate that contains the SID number be part of the application.
Effective: 8/21/15
Video Interactive Calls and Phone Calls for Inmates in DOC Facilities
The department has expanded its telephone system for inmates to include video interactive phone (VIP) calls. These rules are necessary to establish policy and procedures for the use of VIP calls. Other changes are necessary to reflect organizational and operational changes within the department.
Effective: 8/31/15
Use of Force by Parole and Probation Officers (temporary)
These temporary rule revisions are necessary to remove references to DOC policies, which are internal management directives applicable to DOC staff.
Effective: 7/9/15
Planned Use of Force and Use of Security Equipment by DOC Employees (temporary)
These temporary rule revisions are necessary to remove references to DOC policies, which are internal management directives applicable to DOC staff; to provide clarification for the planned use of force for inmates identified with serious mental health treatment needs; and set time limits for the use of the restraint chair.
Effective: 7/9/15
Possession and Storage of Personal Handguns for Authorized Staff at DOC Facilities (temporary)
These rule amendments are necessary to implement 2015 legislation (HB 2424) which allows employees of the Department of Corrections, Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision, and Oregon Corrections Enterprises to possess and store a personal handgun and ammunition at facilities that are owned or occupied by the department.
Effective: 7/1/15