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DOC 2011 News Releases
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December 20, 2011 Inmate Delbert Shelton is back in custody 
December 12, 2011 The Oregon State Penitentiary Returns to Normal Operations 
December 9, 2011Inmate Walk Away from CRCI Work Crew 
December 5, 2011 Oregon State Penitentiary on Modified Lockdown 
December 1, 2011Correctional Officer Buddy Herron's Funeral Service 
November 29, 2011Department of Corrections' Correctional Officer Buddy Herron Killed 
November 15, 2011Corrections Director Max Williams Leaves for the Oregon Community Foundation 
November 11, 2011SRCI Placed on Modified Lockdown Status Today 
October 24, 2011Oregon DOC Medical Director Dr. Steve Shelton awarded NCCHC Bernard P. Harrison Award of Merit 
October 2, 2011Inmate Escape at Mill Creek Correctional Facility 
September 9, 2011Oregon Department of Corrections Receives $600,000 PREA Grant 
August 31, 2011Incident Prompts Lockdown at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution 
August 19, 2011Snake River Correctional Institution on Modified Operations Status 
June 13, 2011One Confirmed Case of Tuberculosis at Snake River Correctional Institution 
May 31, 2011Coffee Creek Correctional Facility Inmate Death Reported 
May 12, 2011Oregon Department of Corrections Staff Honored During National Correctional Employees Week 
May 6, 2011Oregon State Penitentiary Returns to Normal Operations May 6th 
May 3, 2011Oregon State Penitentiary Transitions to Modified Lockdown 
April 27, 2011Oregon State Penitentiary Resumes Lockdown Status April 27 
April 26, 2011Oregon State Penitentiary Returns to Normal Operations 
April 25, 2011Oregon State Penitentiary Moves to Modified Lockdown 
April 24, 2011Oregon State Penitentiary on Lockdown 
April 21, 2011Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution Remains on Lockdown 
April 21, 2011Lockdown at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution 
April 14, 2011Oregon State Penitentiary Returns to Normal Operations 
April 13, 2011Penitentiary on Modified Lockdown 
April 13, 2011Oregon VINE reaches six million people in ten years 
April 12, 2011SCCI Inmate Michael Lee Baker Back in Custody 
April 11, 2011DOC Inmate Walkaway from Shutter Creek Correctional Institution Work Crew
February 10, 2011ODOC Responds to Employee Information Breach 
January 24, 2011DOC Inmates to Donate Over $6,000 to Prostate Cancer Foundation 
January 11, 2011Oregon State Police Clear Scene at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility 
January 11, 2011Suspicious Package Found at Department of Corrections Facility