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Promotion Checklist Receiving

Printable Promotion - Receiving Checklist Form

Click Link for Printable Promotion Checklist - Receiving form
This checklist is intended to guide the receiving supervisor in setting up an incoming employee with the appropriate systems, programs and familiarization with their new duties and work location. 
Note:  Promotion/Transfer into DOC from another agency, treat as a new employee; use the New Employee Checklist. 

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Prior to Start Date:

New Supervisor
​Employee PREA Disclosure Form
  Deliver Promotion Letter
  2-Step upon Promotion Request CD1508 
  Direct Appointment Request CD1509 
  Double Fill Request CD1507 
  Notify Budget
  Obtain Supervisor's Working File from previous supervisor
HR Personnel Records
  Personnel Action Form CD1518
  Promotion Letter
  Salary Memos, if applicable
  New ID Card Request Form  CD672 
  P & F Continuation Approval
  Signed Code of Ethics
Director's Office
  Final Interview (Salary Range 23 and higher)
Information Technology Services
  User Authorization Form 
        Distribution Lists
        RSA Hard/Soft Token
  Other Telephone Setup 
  Communications Device Request  CD1503
  Expenditure Delegation CD1439 
  Request to Use Private Vehicle  
  SPOTS Card Application Form 75.55.02.F.4
  Voyager Card CD1500 
  Contracts Signature Authority CD1482 
  ORPIN (DOC ORPIN User Authorization Form) CD1564 
  Zephyr (DOC User Authorization Form)
  OSPS (Financial Systems Security SFMA and OSPA Request Form)
  SFMA (Financial Systems Security SFMA and OSPA Request Form)
  DataMart/Hyperion(Financial Systems Security SFMA and OSPA Request Form)
  DAS Systems Security (Financial Systems Security SFMA and OSPA Request Form)
  Trust/Commissary System Access (DOC User Authorization Form)
  Treasury (Link)
DOC Property Issued by Supervisor
  Employee Assigned Property Tracking CD1489  
  DOC Photo ID
  Keys/Key Fob
  Key Chits/Card
  Cell Phone/Mobile Device/Chit
  Memory Stick (Flash Drive)
        DAS Motor Pool
        RSA Token Hard/Soft
  Uniform and Equipment

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First Day

Office Orientation
  Introduction to Staff, Desk, Facility
  Access to Building
  Telephone Operation & Password
  Computer Log-on, Navigating
  Update iLearn Profile 
  Security Regulations
  Job Safety
Job Duties
  Review Position Description and Expectations
  Work Schedule
  Leave Requests
  Travel Reimbursement (policy 30.4.1) 
Specific to Facility/Institution/Position

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