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Employment Disqualifiers
Certain convictions DISQUALIFYyou from being certified. Lifetime disqualifiers listed below will cause your application for Correctional Officer to be rejected. Failure to disclose a conviction may result in your application being rejected from consideration.
NOTE: If you have criminal history that you believe should have been “expunged” or removed from your record, but you do not know (proof in hand) that it was expunged or removed; you should verify your belief prior to applying. A crime is not removed from your record until you go through the formal process to have it removed. Believing a conviction was removed, or forgetting a conviction existed, is not a valid defense and your application for Correctional Officer will be denied.

The Following Convictions are Lifetime Disqualifiers From Applying.
Any felony conviction is a mandatory life-time disqualifier,
162.075 False swearing,
162.085 Unsworn falsification,
162.145 Escape in the third degree,
162.175 Unauthorized departure,
162.195 Failure to appear in the second degree,
162.235 Obstructing governmental or judicial administration,
162.247 Interfering with a peace officer,
162.257 Interfering with a firefighter or emergency medical technician,
162.295 Tampering with physical evidence,
162.305 Tampering with public records,
162.315 Resisting arrest,
162.335 Compounding,
162.365 Criminal impersonation,
162.369 Possession of false law enforcement identification,
162.375 Initiating a false report,
162.385 Giving false information to a peace officer for a citation or arrest warrant,
162.415 Official misconduct in the first degree,
163.200 Criminal mistreatment in the second degree,
163.454 Custodial sexual misconduct in the second degree,
163.687 Encouraging child sexual abuse in the third degree,
163.732 Stalking,
164.045 Theft in the second degree,
164.085 Theft by deception,
164.095 Theft by receiving,
164.125 Theft of services,
164.235 Possession of a burglary tool or theft device,
164.877 Unlawful tree spiking; unlawful possession of substance that can damage certain wood processing equipment
165.007 Forgery in the second degree,
165.017 Criminal possession of a forged instrument in the second degree,
165.037 Criminal simulation,
165.042 Fraudulently obtaining a signature,
165.047 Unlawfully using slugs,
165.055 Fraudulent use of a credit card,
165.065 Negotiating a bad check,
165.080 Falsifying business records,
165.095 Misapplication of entrusted property,
165.100 Issuing a false financial statement,
165.102 Obtain execution of documents by deception,
165.825 Sale of drugged horse,
166.0651b Harassment,
166.155 Intimidation in the second degree,
166.270 Possession of weapons by certain felons,
166.350 Unlawful possession of armor-piercing ammunition,
166.416 Providing false information in connection with a transfer of a firearm,
166.418 Improperly transferring a firearm,
166.470 Limitations and conditions for sales of firearms,
167.007 Prostitution,
167.075 Exhibiting an obscene performance to a minor,
167.080 Displaying obscene materials to minors,
167.132 Possession of gambling records in the second degree,
167.147 Possession of a gambling device,
167.222 Frequenting a place where controlled substances are used,
167.262 Adult using minor in commission of controlled substance offense,
167.320 Animal abuse in the first degree,
167.330 Animal neglect in the first degree,
167.332 Prohibition against possession of domestic animal,
167.333 Sexual assault of animal,
167.337 Interfering with law enforcement animal,
167.355 Involvement in animal fighting,
167.370 Participation in dogfighting,
167.431 Participation in cockfighting,
167.820 Concealing the birth of an infant,
475.525 Sale of drug paraphernalia,
475.840 Manufacture or deliver a controlled substance,
475.860 Unlawful delivery of marijuana,
475.864 Unlawful possession of marijuana,
475.906 Distribution of controlled substance to minors,
475.910 Application of controlled substance to the body of another person,
475.912 Unlawful delivery of imitation controlled substance,
475.914 Unlawful acts, registrant delivering or dispensing controlled substance,
475.916 Prohibited acts involving records and fraud,
475.918 Falsifying drug test results,
475.920 Providing drug test falsification equipment,
475.950 Failure to report precursor substances transaction,
475.955 Failure to report missing precursor substances,
475.960 Illegally selling drug equipment,
475.965 Providing false information on precursor substances report or record,
475.969 Unlawful possession of phosphorus,
475.971 Unlawful possession of anhydrous ammonia,
475.973 Unlawful possession of ephedrine, pseudoephedrine or phenylpropanolamine; unlawful distribution,
475.975 Unlawful possession of iodine in its elemental form,
475.976 Unlawful possession of iodine matrix,
807.520 False swearing to receive license,
807.620 Giving false information to police officer,
Any offense involving any acts of domestic violence as defined in ORS 135.230.

The following convictions are Discretionary Disqualifiers
. That means it is up to ODOC whether the conviction will disqualify.  
162.405 Official Misconduct in the Second Degree   
162.425 Misuse of Confidential Information   
162.455 Interfering with Legislative Operations   
162.465 Unlawful Legislative Lobbying   
163.160 Assault in the Fourth Degree   
163.187 Strangulation   
163.190 Menacing    
163.195 Recklessly Endangering Another Person   
163.212 Unlawful Use of Stun Gun, Tear Gas or Mace in the Second Degree   
163.415 Sexual Abuse in the Third Degree   
163.435 Contributing to the Sexual Delinquency of a Minor 
163.445 Sexual Misconduct   
163.465 Public Indecency   
163.467 Private Indecency 
163.545 Child Neglect in the Second Degree   
163.693 Failure to Report Child Pornography   
163.575 Endangering the Welfare of a Minor   
163.700 Invasion of Personal Privacy   
163.709 Unlawful Directing of Light from a Laser Pointer   
164.043 Theft in the Third Degree   
164.132 Unlawful Distribution of Cable Equipment   
164.140 Criminal Possession of Rented or Leased Personal Property    
164.162 Mail Theft or Receipt of Stolen Mail 
164.243 Criminal Trespass in the Second Degree by a Guest   
164.245 Criminal Trespass in the Second Degree   
164.255 Criminal Trespass in the First Degree   
164.265 Criminal Trespass While in Possession of a Firearm   
164.272 Unlawful Entry into a Motor Vehicle   
164.278 Criminal Trespass at Sports Event   
164.335 Reckless Burning   
164.345 Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree
164.354 Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree 
164.373 Tampering with Cable Television Equipment 
164.377 Computer Crime
164.775 Deposit of Trash Within 100 Yards of Water   
164.785 Placing Offensive Substances in waters/on highways or property 
164.805 Offensive Littering   
164.813 Unlawful Cutting and Transporting of Special Forest Products   
164.815 Unlawful Transport of Hay   
164.825 Cutting and Transport of Coniferous Trees without Permit/Bill of Sale    
164.845 FTA on Summons for ORS 164.813 or 164.825 
164.863 Unlawful Transport of Meat Animal Carcasses    
164.865 Unlawful Sound Recording 
164.875 Unlawful Video Tape Recording 
164.887 Interference with Agricultural Operations  
165.107 Failing to Maintain a Metal Purchase Record
165.109 Failing to Maintain a Cedar Purchase Record
165.540 Obtaining Contents of Communications   
165.555 Unlawful Telephone Solicitation   
165.570 Improper Use of Emergency Reporting System 
165.572 Interference with Making a Report 
165.577 Cellular Counterfeiting in the Third Degree 
165.805 Misrepresentation of Age by a Minor 
166.025 Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree
166.027 Disorderly Conduct in the First Degree  
166.075 Abuse of Venerated Objects 
166.076 Abuse of a Memorial to the Dead   
166.090 Telephonic Harassment   
166.095 Misconduct with Emergency Telephone Calls   
166.155 Intimidation in the Second Degree    
166.180 Negligently Wounding Another   
166.190 Pointing a Firearm at Another   
166.240 Carrying a Concealed Weapon
166.250 Unlawful Possession of a Firearm   
166.320 Setting of a Springgun or Setgun 
166.385 Possession of Hoax Destructive Device   
166.425 Unlawful Purchase of Firearm  
166.427 Register of Transfers of Used Firearms   
166.480 Sale or Gift of Explosives to Children   
166.635 Discharging Weapon or Throwing Object at Trains     
166.638 Discharging Weapon Across Airport Operational Surfaces 
166.645 Hunting in Cemeteries   
166.649 Throwing Object off Overpass in the Second Degree   
167.122 Unlawful Gambling in the Second Degree   
167.312 Research and Animal Interference   
167.315 Animal Abuse in the Second Degree   
167.325 Animal Neglect in the Second Degree   
167.340 Animal Abandonment   
167.351 Trading in Nonambulatory Livestock   
167.352 Interfering with Assistance, Search and Rescue or Therapy Animal   
167.385 Unauthorized Use of Livestock Animal   
167.388 Interference with Livestock Production   
167.390 Commerce in Fur of Domestic Cats and Dogs   
167.502 Sale of Certain Items at Unused Property Market 
167.506 Record Keeping Requirements   
167.808 Unlawful Possession of Inhalants 
167.810 Creating a Hazard   
167.822 Improper Repair Vehicle Inflatable Restraint System   
411.320 Disclosure and Use of Public Assistance Records   
468.922 Unlawful disposal, storage or treatment of hazardous waste in the second degree   
468.929 Unlawful transport of hazardous waste in the second degree   
468.936 Unlawful Air Pollution in the Second Degree   
468.943 Unlawful Water Pollution in the Second Degree 
468.956 Refusal to Produce Material Subpoenaed by the Commission   
471.410 Providing Liquor to Person under 21 or to Intoxicated Person   
496.994 Obstruction to the Taking of Wildlife    
496.996 Attempt to Take Wildlife Decoy   
498.164 Use of Dogs or Bait to hunt Black Bears or Cougars   
717.200 to 717.320 Any violation   
803.225 Failure to Designate Replica..Vehicle in Title or Registration Application 
807.430 Misuse of Identification Card   
807.510 Transfer of documents for the purpose of misrepresentation   
807.530 False Application for License    
807.570 Failure to Carry or Present License 
807.580 Using Invalid License   
807.590 Permitting Misuse of License   
807.600 Using Another’s License   
811.060 Vehicular Assault of Bicyclist or Pedestrian   
811.140 Reckless Driving   
811.172 Improperly Disposing of Human Waste 
811.182 Criminal Driving While Suspended or Revoked   
811.231 Reckless Endangerment of Highway Workers 
811.540 Fleeing or Attempt to Elude a Police Officer 
811.700 Failure to Perform Duties of Driver when Property is Damaged 
811.740 False Accident Report 
813.010 Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants   


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