ODOC Volunteer PREA Training Requirement
The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003 is a federal law that seeks to eliminate sexual abuse and sexual harassment.  This law applies to all federal and state prisons, jails, police lock-ups, private facilities, juvenile facilities, and community correctional settings.  New federal standards were published in May 2012, and the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) is currently enhancing its effort towards implementation of the standards.  As part of the standards, all employees, volunteers, and contractors must receive information on PREA and ODOC’s zero-tolerance policy.
As part of this effort, we are asking that volunteers review the policy and sign an acknowledgment form.  
To complete your ODOC Volunteer PREA training, please do the following:
1.     Read the ODOC PREA Policy 40.1.13 (click on the link to open it);
2.     Complete the ODOC PREA Acknowledgment Statement (click on the link to open it);
3.     Return a copy of the signed acknowledgment form to the ODOC Volunteer Program by:
a.     Emailing a scanned copy to volprog@doc.state.or.us;
b.    Faxing a copy to (541) 922-2088;
c.     Mailing a copy to ODOC Volunteer Program, 82911 Beach Access Rd., Umatilla, OR  97882;
d.    Or hand deliver the form to the Volunteer Program or your volunteer supervisor.
It is very important that you return your signed acknowledgment form as soon as possible.  If we have not received your form by May 12, 2014, your volunteer status will be changed to “ineligible,” which will prevent you from entering any ODOC institution until your PREA training has been completed. 
If you have any questions regarding the PREA training or have problems opening the links, please contact Lavon StarrMeyers (Lavon.A.StarrMeyers@doc.state.or.us or 541-922-2089) or Kelly Hodney (Kelly.H.Hodney@doc.state.or.us or 541-922-2069).