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  • Are any insurance companies exempt from the excise tax?

  • Are reinsurance premiums included in the insurance sales factor?

  • Blue Company is bought by Green Company and they become part of Green. Blue no longer exists as a separate company from Green. Does Blue file an Oregon short-year return for the period of time prior to merging with Green?

  • Can insurance companies take a dividend deduction on Form 20-INS?

  • Can we file a consolidated return?

  • Can we make our prepayments of all the tax to Revenue? Insurance Division?

  • Do the amounts entered in the wage and commission factor come from the federal 1120-L or the annual statement?

  • Do we file a return with the Department of Revenue or the Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) Insurance Division?

  • How are Title Insurance companies treated under the law?

  • How do I assemble my return and where do I mail it?

  • How do I file a protective claim?

  • How do I file an "Oregon only" extension for my Oregon return?

  • How do I get a Business Identification Number (BIN)?

  • How do we amend our corporate return? What form do we use?

  • How long after an IRS audit may Oregon issue a bill to me?

  • How many years can we carry back or carry forward a net operating loss (NOL)?

  • Is Oregon corporation minimum tax a required addition on Form 20-INS?

  • Is the guaranty association assessment offset available starting in the year paid or in the year after it is paid?

  • Our insurance company recently changed ownership. We retained our name and ID numbers, and we still operate as the same company. Are we required to file a short-year return for Oregon?

  • Should the federal return be attached to the Oregon return?

  • What form do we use?

  • What is the due date of my Oregon return when I have a federal extension?

  • What is the 'fire insurance gross premiums tax credit' for? Is there a carryover to other years for credit not used this year?

  • What is the interest rate for refunds and deficiencies? What penalties may apply to my return?

  • What is the statute of limitations for filing an amended return?

  • What is the tax rate and minimum tax for insurance companies?

  • When are our prepayments due?

  • When is our return due?

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