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FAQ image Electronic checking or savings account payments frequently asked questions
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  • Can anyone make an electronic payment through U.S. Bank?

  • Can I pay any tax year I want?

  • For personal income tax, can I make the electronic payment using either my Social Security number or my spouse's?

  • How do I know which payment type to select?

  • How long will it take for my payment to be applied at Revenue? Will you give me credit for my payment on the day I made the electronic payment?

  • How will this show up on my bank statement?

  • I have already created a login to use this service and I am not able to sign in. Who do I contact?

  • I thought my tax information was confidential. Will U.S. Bank have access to it?

  • I used this service to pay another person's tax bill. If you issue a refund later, will the money come to me?

  • I'm on a payment plan. Can I make monthly payments using this service?

  • I'm receiving a message that JavaScript is not enabled in my browser. What should I do?

  • Is there a limited number of times I can make electronic payments with U.S. Bank?

  • I've never filed an Oregon return. Can I still make a payment from my checking or savings account?

  • My return showed I owed tax. When Revenue processed my return, my tax was increased and I now owe more. I received two bills in the mail for the amount I owe. What payment type should I select when I make my electronic payment?

  • What do I do if I made a mistake and paid too much?

  • What if I overpay?

  • What is an electronic payment from my checking or savings account?

  • What should I do if I can't pay my taxes or fees by the due date?

  • When do I select person vs. business?

  • Why did I get a bill when I made an electronic payment on time?

  • Why does U.S. Bank ask for my e-mail address?

  • Why should I use this service?

  • Will Revenue send a receipt or updated balance statement?