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Oregon FREE fillable forms questions and answers
1. Is there a list of other e-file and free e-file options?

Our list of approved software vendors can be found on our online filing page.

2. I used Oregon's State Free File last year. I can't log into my account this year. What do I do?
image of Free File Oregon logo.

Unlike other filing options, you need to create a new account each year; the system does not remember the account you created for any previous tax years. The above sign in screen is only used if you are returning to a return you have already started.

3. Why can't I enter a value on Oregon Form 40, line 8 (federal adjusted gross income)?
This field is automatically filled in for you once you provide us with your federal return information. Click the "Fed Attach" button to the left of the entry field to go to the federal form. When you have finished entering your federal return information, click "Done With This Form" and line 8 on your Oregon form will be completed for you.

4. Why can't I get the e-file button to work?

Do you have W-2s or 1099s?
Make sure you have your first name filled out on the W-2 or 1099 form.

If you don't have W-2s or 1099s.
Make sure you've checked the box that says, "Check the box if you do not have any of the above."

5. What do I do if my return is rejected due to an "XML Validation Error"?
  • Check to make sure you don't have an amount of zero on your Oregon return lines and resubmit.
  • If you are requesting direct deposit make sure you have:
    • Selected "Checking" or "Savings"; and
    • Marked whether or not you are requesting a transfer into a foreign account.
  • Review all of your additional schedules making sure your dependent(s), spouse, etc. information has been completed fully and accurately--no numbers in name fields, codes in an incorrect place or required fields left blank.
If that doesn't work, please forward your rejection email to electronic.filing@oregon.gov and we'll help to identify and correct the error.

6. I accidentally checked the "Checking" or "Savings" box in the Direct Deposit section and now it won't let me uncheck it. What do I do?

In order to uncheck a checkbox, double click the checkbox. This will work with all other checkboxes you may want to uncheck.

7. Why did an issue with my direct deposit information cause my return to be rejected?

Check to make sure you entered your routing number and your account number correctly and in the correct fields.

  • Routing numbers are nine digits and must begin with 01 through 12, 21 through 32, or 61 through 72.
  • Account numbers can be up to 17 characters, both numbers and letters. Include hyphens, but do not include spaces or special symbols. If your account number is fewer than 17 characters, leave the unused boxes (on your return) blank.

Additionally, be sure you selected the correct checkbox for "Checking" or "Savings." It's also important to make sure you didn't:

  1. Say your refund is going to an account outside the US when it is not; or
  2. Forget to check the box saying the account is outside the US.

Note: Some banks may not accept direct deposits into accounts that are payable through another bank. Also, some banks do not permit the deposit of a joint refund into an individual account.

Contact your bank to make sure your deposit will be accepted.

It is your responsibility to make sure your bank information is correct. We cannot correct deposits made to an incorrect bank account approved by you nor can we direct deposit a refund if the final destination is a foreign bank account.

We are not responsible for a bank rejecting a direct deposit. If the direct deposit is rejected, we will issue a check and send it to the mailing address shown on your return.