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 General public questions and answers


  • How do I dispute the debt claimed by an agency?

  • I received a notice about a debt I owe. How do I pay this?

  • I’ve received a Notice of Proposed Adjustment and/or Distribution and disagree with the refund distribution. How do I request my share of the refund?

  • Who do I call with questions about my debt?

  • Why do agencies send their debt to the Department of Revenue / OAA for collection?

 Agency questions and answers


  • After receiving a Notice of Proposed Adjustment and/or Distribution, how can a debtor dispute the refund distribution?

  • Collection Account Assignment forms sent via paper or FAX take 2–4 weeks to show up on OAA's system. Why does it take so long?

  • How do I begin sending liabilities to OAA for collection?

  • How do I report payments on my agency's liabilities?

  • How does the debtor dispute debts assigned by an agency?

  • How long does OAA keep liabilities that I assign to them for collections?

  • If liabilities are sent in electronically, does OAA maintain any paperwork on the debt, or is the collection data all maintained on the computer, including memos, payments, etc.?

  • Is there a way to access current balance and payment information without waiting for the monthly payment report or calling OAA?

  • Liabilities are sometimes sent back by OAA after only 1–2 months labeled “uncollectible no assets, or cannot locate.” Why not keep them for an entire year?

  • What are apportionments?

  • What is a program code?

  • When does my agency get confirmation of payments you have received on my liabilities?

  • Who is responsible For OAA’s collection fee?