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 Direct deposit


  • Can I change my direct deposit account number after I have sent in my tax returns?

  • Can I have my refund directly deposited into my bank account?

  • I am getting a refund from Oregon but have to pay the federal tax. Can I still have my Oregon return directly deposited?

  • I received my refund via direct deposit, but the amount deposited is less than what I expected? What is going on?

  • I requested a mailed refund originally. Can I give you my bank account number and receive deposit of my refund instead?

 Electronic filing (e-file)


  • Can I e-file my business taxes?

  • How does electronic filing work?

  • How will I know you have received my return?

  • I just learned my electronically filed return is going to take 4 to 6 weeks to process. Why?

  • I moved in the middle of the year and now live in another state. I need to file returns for both states; can I file both electronically?

  • I need help figuring out my software. Can the Oregon Department of Revenue help me?

  • I'm filing last-minute. How do I pay?

  • Is it safe to file electronically?

  • It's April 15 and I haven't received an Oregon acknowledgment yet, and I owe money. How do I send in my payment without an acknowledgment?

  • It's April 15, and I haven't received an Oregon acknowledgment yet. If I don't receive it today, will I still be in compliance or do I need to send in a paper return?

  • What are the benefits of electronic filing?

  • What do I need to electronically file my taxes?

  • What if I need to change my return after I file electronically?

  • What should I do if I don't receive an Oregon acknowledgment?

  • Will my electronically filed return be audited?

 Estimated tax


  • How can I get estimated payment vouchers?

  • Who must pay estimated tax?



  • Do I need the Barcode address to receive refund faster?

  • How can I get copies of my W-2s?

  • How do I file an extension?

  • How do you calculate an Elderly Rental Assistance refund?

  • How long should I wait before sending a second copy of my return if you don't show any record of receiving my first return?

  • How much time do I have to file a return requesting a refund?

  • How much time do I have to file an amended return?

  • I don't owe tax do I have to file?

  • When is my return due this year?

  • Where can I drop off my tax form or payment in person?

  • Where do I mail my tax return?



  • How do I get a copy of my Oregon tax return?

  • How long do you keep copies of personal income tax returns?

  • Where can I get copies of this year's forms and instructions?

  • Where can I obtain blank tax forms for past years?

 Form 1099


 IRS audit


  • How long after an IRS audit may Oregon bill me?



  • Can I pay the amount I owe using a credit card?

  • Can I pay the amount I owe with a direct debit payment from my checking or savings account?

  • How long does it take the department to post my payments to my account?

  • How long does it take to post money to Other Agency Accounts (OAA)?

  • How much do I actually owe?

  • I can't pay all at once, can I set up a payment plan?

  • I owe money and need to make payment arrangements. What should I do?

  • I paid electronically. Do I have to mail the voucher?

  • If I filed an extension, when is my payment due?

 Processing returns


  • How long does it take to process delinquent, prior year tax returns, or amended returns?



  • How can I find out the status of my current year refund?

  • How long does an "apportionment of a refund" take?

  • How long will it take the Department of Revenue to reissue a check once the department is contacted?

  • How long will it take to receive a replacement check if my original check was forged?

  • How long will it take to receive my refund if I filed my return on the due date?

  • I filed two years' returns together; the first return claims a refund, part of which I want used to pay tax due on the other return. How long will it take to receive the rest of my refund?

  • I had to send additional information requested by the department to complete the processing of my return. How long will it take before my refund arrives?

  • If part of my refund will be held and used to pay an outstanding debt, how soon will I get my remaining refund?

  • I'm moving. Will my refund check be forwarded to me?

  • Our refund was garnished to pay my spouse's debt. Can I request an apportionment?

  • The Where's My Refund web site says my tax return completed processing but I haven't received my refund?

  • We are filing an Injured Spouse Claim and Allocation form, federal Form 8379, with our joint federal return. What should we do for our Oregon return?

  • We didn't file an Injured Spouse form. What should I do to get my portion of the refund back?

  • We filed the Injured Spouse form with our return, but you still took our refund for my spouse's outstanding accounts. Why?

  • When will the state start paying interest on refunds?

 Taxable income


  • Does Oregon tax all interest reported?

  • Does Oregon tax gambling winnings?

  • I am moving into Oregon. What income will be taxed by Oregon?