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FAQ image Authorized agent real estate tax payment FAQ
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  • Can sellers who have a lower tax liability apply for a reduced payment?

  • Does the law always require a tax payment when the sellers do not qualify for any of the exemptions?

  • Does the law require a tax payment on the sale of a principal residence?

  • How can I get forms and instructions?

  • How do I calculate the tax payment?

  • How do I know when a tax payment is required on a trust?

  • How do I know when to submit a payment for an LLC?

  • If the seller moves into or out of Oregon during the year, do I still have to submit a payment?

  • Is the real estate escrow agent responsible to verify any of the amounts shown on the department forms filled out by the transferor?

  • Once the Form WC is completed, should it be sent to the department?

  • Since a tax payment is required for non-exempt transferors unless they have an exempt transfer, what is an exempt transfer?

  • What form do sellers use to certify they are exempt from the tax payment requirement?

  • What if a seller tells me, the authorized agent, that they are an Oregon resident, but I have doubts?

  • What is the procedure for a non-exempt transferor with an exempt transfer where a tax payment is not required?

  • What is the procedure for an exempt transferor?

  • What should I do if a seller refuses to fill out the appropriate forms, or give me enough information so that I will know how much to submit?

  • When is a tax payment not required?

  • When is a tax payment required?

  • Who is an authorized agent subject to this law?

  • Who is responsible for completing the forms related to this new law?

  • Why don't you have a form with check boxes for different exemptions any more?

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