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Appraiser trainee program
The appraiser trainee program (under ORS 308.015 and OAR 150-308.015) is an on-the-job training program for the employees of county assessors. It allows a person to work as an appraiser trainee while that person trains to become a registered appraiser.
The program combines on-the-job training, formal education, and other work-related experience to qualify the person to take the property appraiser 1 examination.
Becoming an appraiser trainee
The trainee must obtain a commitment from a county assessor. The assessor will employ the trainee for a minimum of 20 hours per week if the trainee meets the requirements set by the assessor.
The program
Training. An individualized training program for each trainee will be determined by the county assessor.
An assessment of the following and other related factors will decide the specific training plan and schedule:
  • Relevancy of completed college courses;
  • Applicability of vocational education;
  • Related work experience;
  • Specific appraisal courses completed through educational institutions and associations;
  • Oregon Department of Revenue training courses attended.
Time limit. The program may not exceed two years duration from the date of enrollment to comply with ORS 308.015 (2).
Responsibility. The appraiser trainee is responsible for successfully completing all necessary education and training requirements. The assessor is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the trainee's day-to-day work and administering required exams.
The assessor will receive a coach's manual and a confidential packet of required exams. The assessor will administer the exams to the trainee. These exams must be kept in safekeeping except when being proctored by the assessor.
The cost incurred for attending some appraisal courses is substantial. Additionally, fees covering the Department of Revenue's costs may be prescribed. The trainee and sponsoring assessor should have a clear understanding as to whom will be responsible for these costs. The Department of Revenue will not be responsible for any costs incurred by trainees in this program.
Completing the program. Minimum requirements for completion of the appraiser trainee program include satisfactory completion of the individualized training program, which may include participation in the following:
  • Complete a minimum 90 continuing education hours of appraisal courses offered by professional associations, the Department of Revenue, or a community college.
  • Participate in a mass appraisal set-up and the reappraisal of a neighborhood.
  • Inspect and complete new construction and land maintenance accounts.
  • Observe board of property tax appeals hearings.
  • Successfully complete all tests and exams as required by the study materials provided in the training manual.
Upon completion of the county property appraiser trainee program:
  • Complete a PD100H application form (state of Oregon, Department of Administrative Services application) to take the test for County Property Appraiser 1.
  • Attach a letter of verification signed by the county assessor or by a Department of Revenue representative.
  • Submit the PD100H application form and letter to:

    Oregon Department of Revenue
    Attn: Human Resources
    955 Center St NE
    Salem OR 97301-2555

    You may fax your application material to (503) 947-2047.
    There is no charge for processing this application.
    For questions about completing the application, please call (503) 945-8272,  (503) 945-854, or e-mail DORapplications@oregon.gov.
If you have questions about the appraiser trainee program, contact:
Oregon Department of Revenue
Assessment and Taxation Standards
Property Tax Division
Appraiser Continuing Education Coordinator
955 Center Street
Salem OR 97301-2555
Phone: (503) 945-8276
Toll-free within Oregon: (800) 356-4222, ext. 58276