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2011 New Law Bill Number Index

House Bills

HB 2061
  Amends ORS Chapter 84 to authorize governmental agencies to conduct transactions electronically, or to create or retain electronic records of transactions without an individual's consent if the governmental agency regularly relies on electronic records or conducts transactions electronically.
 HB 2354   Extends sunset date of exemption program to July 1, 2027.
 HB 2425   Modifies and clarifies local budget law.
HB 2476   Removes requirement that county assessor submit to county board of review information on income-approach factors used to arrive at values for farm use of farmland.
HB 2478   Requires taxpayer to file appeal of assessed or specially assessed value of land or improvements of principal or secondary industrial property in Tax Court.
HB 2543   Makes significant changes to the eligibility criteria for Senior and Disabled Citizen Property Tax Deferral programs.
HB 2546   Allows late filing of claim for exemption for five tax years before current tax year. Requires late filing fee. Enables late filing only by public entities, first-time filers, or other filers who show good cause for failing to file a timely claim. Late filing deadlines for claims under ORS 307.112, 307.166, and 307.162 are consistent.
HB 2563   Allows another two years for property to enter the food processing equipment exemption program. Modifies and extends the exemption for "alternative energy systems" and the property to which it is affixed. Removes the sunset date on logging equipment exemptions.
HB 2569   Authorizes county assessor to order deferred billing credit to taxpayer if dollar amount in dispute in property tax appeal exceeds $1 million.
HB 2570   Modifies tax liens for bona fide purchasers.
HB 2572   When one party appeals the value of a component of a property tax account, another party can ask for a ruling on another component, or the total value of the account.
HB 2710   This bill changes many fees and charges in the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, the Oregon Tax Court, and the circuit courts.
HB 2807   When a district dissolves, another district, formed under same principle as dissolved district, may annex territory of dissolved district. Annexed territory is subject to permanent rate limit and local option taxes of annexing district.
HB 3017
  Extends sunset date for businesses to obtain approval for enterprise zone (EZ) exemption to June 30, 2025.

Extends sunset date for long-term rural enterprise zone certification to June 30, 2025.
HB 3368   Relates to "notification," from paper to electronic.
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Senate Bills

SB 297   Reviser's bill.
SB 301   Reconnects IRS code references to IRS code as of December 31, 2010 for certain exemptions.
SB 302   The tax roll correction provisions of HB 3612 (2010) are retroactive to corrections made from May 27, 2008.
SB 322   Adds commercial uses of multiple-unit housing to list of design elements that city or county may require to receive tax exemption, and makes such commercial portions exempt. Extends the sunset for the multiple-unit exemption from January 1, 2012 to January 1, 2022.
SB 877   This adds the Oregon Coordinate Reference System (OCRS) used by ODOT as an acceptable coordinate projection for surveys collected in Oregon. It also cleans up language in the law to include modern survey collection techniques.
SB 954   Modifies day of month county treasurers pay monies from the County Assessment and Taxation Fund to the state treasurer. Modifies day of month DOR pays monies in the County Assessment Function Funding Assistance (CAFFA) account to counties. Conforms language to modern style guide.
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