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HB 2569
Bill number HB 2569 (2011 Oregon laws, Chapter 39)
 ORS changed New law.
 Effective date September 28, 2011
 Applies to Appeals active on, or filed on or after effective date.
 DOR contact Xann Culver  503-945-8474
 Summary Authorizes county assessor to order deferred billing credit to taxpayer if dollar amount in dispute in property tax appeal exceeds $1 million.

Section Old law  New law
No provision. (1) Assessor may order tax collector to include deferred billing credit in tax statement of property involved in dispute, amount exceeding $1 million, of "property value or claim for exemption or cancellation of a property tax assessment." For utility and centrally assessed properties (ORS 308.515) in dispute, the assessor of each county to which value is apportioned may order deferred billing credit even if amount for applicable county is less than $1 million and other assessors do not order deferred billing.

(2) For this section, dollar amount in dispute means dollar amount of RMV or specially assessed value in dispute for all tax years subject to appeal(s), all properties of taxpayer subject to appeal(s), or, in cases of utility and centrally assessed properties (ORS 308.515), all property or unit of property subject to appeal(s).

(3) Amount of deferred billing credit shall be amount assessor determines necessary to cover tax and interest at risk.

(4) Assessor may order separate notice of deferred billing at any time during a tax year to which appeal relates or any year during the appeal.

(5) Tax paid before or after notice of deferred billing credit shall be refunded or returned to taxpayer without interest.

(6) Deferred billing credit does not give cause for action other than ensure proper application of this section.

(7) Tax amounts included in deferred billing credit may not be considered delinquent nor accrue interest from start of credit until resolution of appeal.

(8) Interest shall be paid for period from tax payment date or due date (whichever is later) to date refund is made, when refund ordered in final resolution of appeal with deferred billing credit.

(9) As soon as practicable, assessor shall mail to taxpayer notice of amount of additional taxes due if so ordered in final resolution of appeal.

(10) Additional taxes due upon final resolution are without interest and discounted 3 percent if paid within 45 days of assessor notice. If not paid by 45th day, additional taxes are considered delinquent on date taxes would normally have become delinquent and interest on additional taxes begins on 46th day after assessor notice.

(11) Assessor shall provide to governing body a quarterly status report of all current deferred billing credits and appeals to which credits relate.

(12) Defines "property tax statement" as described in ORS 311.250 and "separate notice of deferred billing" as notice to taxpayer stating amount of deferred billing credit and amount of refund, if applicable.
  Section 1 applies to appeals active on or filed by September 28, 2011.
  Changes become effective September 28, 2011.