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How to apply with the Department of Revenue
How do I apply for a vacant position?
To apply for a Revenue position you will need to create a secure online E-Recruit account on the State Jobs Website. You can create an account and start building your profile at anytime, so it’s ready when you find a state job posting you would like to apply for.

Once you find a job for which you’d like to apply, simply click on the "Apply" button at the top of the job announcement on the State Jobs Website.

Tips for applying with the Department of Revenue

When a job announcement closes, applications are reviewed for minimum qualifications. All qualifying experience and training must be included on your E-Recruit application. Exam responses, resumes, etc., are not evaluated for minimum qualifications. Only accepted applications meeting the minimum qualifications will receive further consideration (such as grading).
Carefully read the job announcement The announcement contains special instructions or requirements, including what it takes to qualify and what information needs to be submitted (transcripts, skill code sheets, exam responses, etc.).
Illustrate how your background meets the specific requirements Your application must convey how you meet the requirements listed in the “To qualify” section. Explain your qualifying experience in the “Duties” section. Your job titles can help support what you describe, but are not enough by themselves.
List each job separatelyDo not combine jobs, even if they were within the same organization. Include all relevant experience whether it was paid or unpaid. List all jobs that are relevant to the position for which you are applying.
Avoid jargon and acronymWrite your information in commonly used terms to make your message clear.
Complete all parts of the E-Recruit application Be sure all sections are filled in and include a number for the average hours worked per week. If you worked less than 40 hours per week, your length of time in that job will be prorated accordingly.
Tips for completing exam responses
Grades are based on your test responses only They are separate from your application. The only information that graders use when scoring test questions is in your answers.
Each question is graded independently For example, your grade for question #1 is based on what you provide as a response to question #1. Don’t omit an answer to a question because you feel you have already answered it in another question. Additionally, it is not enough to say “see above” or “see question #1.”
Answer all parts of the question Address every part of the question. For example, if a communications question asks you to identify the topic, audience, etc., be sure you have covered it all.
Use the word “I” Don’t just write about the process or what “we” did. Tell the grader what “you” did.
Avoid vague language Responses such as, “I was involved in the budgeting process” are not descriptive enough. What were your duties? What did you do to achieve results? Also, jargon and acronyms tend to detract from the clarity of your response.
Repeat yourself if necessaryRemember, each question is graded independently. You may need to repeat information from one response to another.
Be concise, yet thoroughWhile it is acceptable to describe a situation (if it is pertinent to the question), there is no need to describe philosophies or what “experts” say on the subject.