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 Disqualifications and inactivations


  • What do I do if my spouse died while on the deferral programs?

  • What happens if I move off of my property?

  • What is the difference between "disqualified" and "inactivated"?



  • Can I add someone to the deed or title of my home while I am on the Deferral Program?

  • Can my delinquent property taxes be paid under Deferral?

  • Do I have to have homeowner's insurance to be eligible?

  • Do I include my certificates of deposit as assets?

  • Do I include the value of the home in which I live on my list of assets?

  • Do I qualify if I owe delinquent taxes?

  • Do I report food stamps, energy bill assistance, etc., as income?

  • If I have a reverse mortgage, am I eligible for the program?

  • I'm married but only my name appears on the deed. Do I need to include my spouse's income?

  • I'm married but only my name appears on the house deed. Do my spouse and I apply jointly?

  • My property is part of an irrevocable family trust. Will that affect my eligibility?

 Program overview


  • Can I apply for Special Assessment Deferral?

  • Can my mortgage company prevent my participation in the Deferral Programs?

  • How did the change from simple interest to compound interest affect my deferred taxes?

  • If my application is approved and accepted, when will the Deferral Program begin paying my property taxes?

  • What are the important dates for the programs?

  • Where do I find my Deferral Program account number?

  • Why is there a lien on my property?



  • Can I deduct deferred property taxes from my income tax return?

  • Can I transfer my deferral account to another property?

  • Where can I get a copy of my property tax statement?



  • I know I'm not eligible. Do I still have to return the application/re-certification form?

  • When will I need to recertify?

  • Why do I need to recertify?