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Information on deferral programs
The Senior and Disabled Property Tax Deferral programs allow qualifying citizens to defer paying property taxes to a county.
  • Application period for Senior and Disabled Property Tax Deferral Programs is January 1– April 15.
Qualifying seniors may also defer payments on certain special assessments against their property. These are assessments by a city, county, sanitary district, or other taxing district for improvements such as paved streets, sidewalks, and sewers.
  • Application period for Special Assessment Deferral is October 1 – December 1.

The Department of Revenue places a lien on the property to secure our standing in the collection of the deferred tax or assessment.

Lien amount calculation

When we approve a deferral application, the initial lien is attached to the applicant’s property on July 1 of the year in which taxes or assessments are assessed. We only pay future property taxes after the approval; delinquent taxes are still owed to the county.
  • Senior Property Tax/Special Assessment programs lien amount:

    • Deferral start year;
    • Applicant life expectancy age;
    • Prior year's property tax amount;
    • Property tax inflation rate of 10% per year;
    • Interest rate of 6 percent per year (simple).
  • Disabled Program lien amount is 90 percent of the property’s real market value at the time of application.


For the Senior and Disabled property tax programs, the cost of recording and releasing the lien is charged to the deferral account, which is also deferred.
On manufactured structures, a $55 fee will be charged to the account so we can become a security interest holder. If the structure is exempt, no fees will be charged. 

Web-based payoff information

To request a payoff, check your information online or contact us.
Mail payments to:
Oregon Dept of Revenue
PO Box 14380
Salem OR 97309
Oregon Dept of Revenue
955 Center Street NE
Salem OR 97301
If you would like to send payment via wire transfer, contact deferral.unit@oregon.gov for routing information and instructions.
  • Balance due—Total taxes or assessments paid, accrued interest, and fees.
  • Payoff date—Date to which the payoff balance has been calculated.
  • Account number—Deferral account number we have assigned (always reference on payments).
  • Account status:

    • Active—the applicant is currently on the program and we will pay the current year's property taxes or assessments.
    • Cancelled—the applicant has voluntarily withdrawn from the program and we will not pay any future property taxes or assessments.
    • Deceased—the applicant has passed away and we will not pay any future property taxes or assessments.
    • Excess income—the applicant has exceeded the income limitation for the current year and may be responsible for all or part of the property taxes or assessment for the current year.
    • Moved—the applicant has moved from the property for non-medical reasons and we will not pay any future property taxes or assessments.
    • Sold—the applicant sold the property and we will not pay any future property taxes or assessments.

Payment information
The payoff screen gives you the most up-to-date information available at the time of your request.
If you request a payoff after September 1, the balance may not inlcude the current year's property tax amount. Please contact the Deferral Unit.
The Deferral program laws require that we pay the taxes due on November 15 for all accounts active in our system as of July 1.
Between July 1 and September 1:
  • If you sold the property, changed ownership, moved, or died; or
  • If the title company does a loan transaction (refinance/reverse mortgage, etc.; then
  • We will pay the current year's property taxes to the county.
  • If you don't want us to pay the current year's property taxes, mail us a signed and dated cancel statement on or before September 1. All joint applicants must sign. (ORS 311.668, 311.684, and OAR 150-311.684)
Between September 1 and November 15:
  • If you sold the property, changed ownership, moved, or died; or
  • If a cancel statement is received; then
  • We will pay the current year's property taxes. However, you will be responsible for reimbursing us. We suggest that title companies hold back enough funds to reimburse us for the current year's taxes.
For valid deferral accounts, property tax payments are made on November 15. Special assessment payments are made to the taxing districts on February 1 and August 1.

Lien release information
In order to process a lien release on a deferral account, we require the following:
  • The deferral account must be paid in full, including the current year's property taxes.
  • For refinances and reverse mortgages, if the lender requires first lien position, you must send us a completed cancel statement. It must be signed by everyone listed on the payoff screen or by their representative.
  • We will provide a copy of the lien release only when requested in writing.
  • You may re-apply for the deferral program between January 1 and April 15.