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FAQ image Timber tax frequently asked questions
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  • A county line divides contiguous forestland tax lots. May they be placed in different tax programs?

  • Are logs chipped in the woods subject to the severance tax?

  • Are logs graded "4-sawmill and better" subject to the severance tax? How about hardwood logs?

  • Company Y purchases standing timber from Joe. Later, Joe puts the property in the STF Program. Company Y then harvests the timber. Is a severance tax owed?

  • Do I need to sign my return?

  • Do I need to sign up for the STF programs?

  • Do severance taxes paid while my property is under the STF Program in any way reduce my additional tax owed when the property is disqualified from STF?

  • Does a conservation easement "transfer" property ownership, thus affecting forest taxation?

  • How do I choose a forestland program?

  • How do I obtain an "Estimate of Timber Tax Liability" payment coupon?

  • How many acres must I have for the STF Program?

  • I cut down some hazardous trees around my house. It cost more to clean up than I was paid. I then received timber tax forms? Do I have to pay tax on the trees?

  • I realized I made an error on my return after I mailed it. What should I do?

  • I received a "Request to File" letter. What should I do?

  • I received a timber tax return, but I didn't harvest any timber this year? What do I need to do?

  • I sold my trees to a logger who said he would pay the timber taxes. What do I do with the timber tax returns that I received?

  • If a property is disqualified after being in the STF Program for less than 10 years, will the additional tax be calculated for the full 10 years?

  • If my property is placed in the STF Program for the tax year (July to June), must I pay severance tax on my harvests from the previous January 1-June 30?

  • Once my property is in the STF Program, can I decide to change back to the Forestland Program at any time?

  • Two or more individuals own a parcel of designated forestland. One of them also owns a contiguous parcel of forestland. If the first parcel is put under the STF Program, must the second parcel also be under STF?

  • We own two contiguous parcels. One is designated forestland and one is farmland. If we place the forestland in the STF Program, must we do the same with the farmland?

  • What do I do if I receive a "First Time Harvester" letter and circular?

  • What happens if I acquire a tract of Forestland that is in the STF Program?

  • What if I am under the 25 MBF exemption for the Forest Products Harvest Tax?

  • What if I cut firewood? Is it taxable?

  • What is a board foot?

  • What is a business identification number (BIN)?

  • What is a Forest Products Harvest Tax (FPHT)?

  • What is a legal description?

  • What is a Notification of Operations?

  • What is a Small Tract Forestland (STF) Severance tax?

  • What is MBF?

  • What is net volume?

  • What is stumpage?

  • What is timber?

  • What is utility cull?

  • What programs are available for forestland owners?

  • What type of land is in the Forestland Tax Program?

  • When are my timber taxes due?

  • When will I receive my timber tax returns?

  • Who is responsible for paying the additional tax after a property has been disqualified from the STF Program because the property was sold and the new owner did not apply to keep the property in the STF Program?

  • Who is the timber owner?

  • Who needs to sign the STF application?

  • Who pays the timber tax?

  • Why did I receive two tax forms?