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Alarm Monitor Instructor

What is the process for becoming an Alarm Monitor Instructor Private Security Professional?

All applicants must complete an application packet containing:
  1. PS-1 (Application for Licensure or Certification of Private Security Services Provider);
  2. A completed fingerprint packet. A fingerprint packet must include a pre-printed FBI fingerprint card and a Form PS-4 (Affidavit of Person Rolling Fingerprints) completed by the person rolling or scanning the fingerprints.  The card and form must be enclosed in a tamper-proof bag and sealed by the person who rolled the fingerprints before the packet is returned to the applicant.  The Department will supply pre-printed FBI fingerprint cards and tamper-proof bags.
  3. PS-27 Code of Ethics form
  4. Nonrefundable certification or licensure fees.

Link to forms and fees 

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When is the next Alarm Monitor Instructor Private Security Professional course?

 Here is the link to the Training Calendar
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How long after I submit my paperwork, will I receive my Alarm Monitor Instructor card?

It depends on a number of things such as the fingerprint scanning results and FBI background check. Generally it takes about 1-2 months.
Please don't call DPSST to check on your status, instead check your status using IRIS.
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How do I add a new Instructor certification to my current certification?

Application packet for adding certification or licensure as a private security provider must be completed in its entirety and must include:
  1. A completed Form PS-1;
  2. A completed for PS-27;
  3. Resume demonstrating 3 years experience in Private Security, Law Enforcement or Military Police;
  4. Request an Alarm Monitor Instructor webinar on the PS-1;
  5. Nonrefundable certification or licensure fees.
Link to forms and fees 

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What forms do I need to submit, to renew my certification?

All applicants for renewal of certification or licensure must complete a renewal application packet containing:
  1. A completed Form PS-21;
  2. A completed PS-8 showing completion of 8 hours of Continuing Education;
  3. Form PS-27; and
  4. Nonrefundable certification or licensure fees 

Link to forms and fees ​

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