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Firearms Private Security Instructor

​​What are the minimum standards for a Firearms Instructor?

An applicant for certification as a firearms instructor must not:

  • Have been committed to the Mental Health and Development Disability Services Division under ORS 426.130, or similar order in another jurisdiction;
  • Have been found to be mentally ill and subject to an order under ORS 426.130 prohibiting the person from purchasing or possessing a firearm as a result of that mental illness;
  • Be prohibited under US Code Title 18, Section 922(g)(8) (relating to civil restraining orders including stalking or harassment) from possessing a firearm in interstate commerce; or
  • Be prohibited under any law of this state or any federal law from purchasing, owning or possessing a firearm.​

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What are the pre-qualification requirements for a Firearms Instructor?

Successful completion of:

  • Basic unarmed classroom instruction and exam;
  • Basic firearms course;
  • Department-administered firearms private security instructor course and Department-approved marksmanship qualification; and
  • Proof of successful completion of training from one or more of the following sources no more than five years prior to the time of application:
    • The National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Development School;
    • A firearms instructor through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center;
    • A Department-certified law enforcement or criminal justice firearms instructor course;
    • A firearms instructor through the Federal Bureau of Investigation;
    • A private security firearms instructor through the Washington Criminal Justice Training Center; or
    • A qualified instructor certification course as determined by the Department.
  • ​Additionally firearms private security instructors must successfully complete annual firearms instructor marksmanship qualifications. Instructors must qualify on a target authorized by the Department, within three attempts in one day.

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When is the next Armed Instructor course?

Link to the Training calendar​.
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How do I apply to attend the Armed Instructor course?

Applicants must complete an application packet containing:

  1. PS-1 (Application for Licensure or Certification of Private Security Services Provider);
  2. A completed fingerprint packet. A fingerprint packet must include a pre-printed FBI fingerprint card and a Form PS-4 (Affidavit of Person Rolling Fingerprints) completed by the person rolling or scanning the fingerprints.  The card and form must be enclosed in a tamper-proof bag and sealed by the person who rolled the fingerprints before the packet is returned to the applicant.  The Department will supply pre-printed FBI fingerprint cards and tamper-proof bags.
  3. PS-27 Code of Ethics form
  4. Nonrefundable certification or licensure fees

Link to forms​​ and fees​

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How do I renew my Armed Instructor certification?

Annual Firearms Instructor Marksmanship Qualification includes an annual firearms marksmanship requalification.

Applicants must achieve a score of 100 percent on all examinations and assessments with remediation in accordance with OAR 259-060-0135(9).

All applicants must complete and submit a renewal application packet containing: 

  1. A completed Form PS-21
  2. Nonrefundable certification or licensure fee as prescribed by OAR 259-060-500.
  3. Proof of a minimum of eight hours of coursework relating to any of the specific subjects being taught or a minimum of eight hours of coursework relating to improving instructor skills.

​... then register for and and successfully complete the firearms private security instructor course, written exam, and marksmanship qualifications.

Link to forms​​ and fees​​

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What happens if I do not renew before the expiry date?

You will be assessed a $25 late fee.
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I received a Deficiency Notice, what do I do?!

Click here for information on Deficiency Notices.
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