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FAQ's for Private Security

How do I apply to become a Private Security Provider?

Choose an Instructor from the List - contact them and arrange to be trained.  Each instructor is required to deliver the DPSST approved security curriculum. 
o    If you are seeking an unarmed certification, the training will take 12 hours to complete. 
o    If you are seeking an armed certification, you will need to complete the 12 hour unarmed training, plus an additional 24 hours of armed training. 
The fee for instruction is determined by the instructor.  Your instructor will provide you with a training affidavit (PS-6) and more details.
Submit the following documents to DPSST for certification:
  • Private Security application form (PS-1).  Make sure this form is completed correctly and its entirety or it will not be accepted.  Don’t forget to have the PS-1 notarized as indicated on the form. 
  • Training affidavit (PS-6).  The PS-6 should to be sealed in a tamperproof bag by the instructor.  One fingerprint card and fingerprint affidavit (PS-4).  You can have your fingerprints rolled at various law enforcement agencies (local police, sheriff, or OSP field office).  The Law Enforcement agency may/may not charge a fee for service. This card and PS-4 should be submitted to DPSST in a sealed bag.
  • The PS-27, Code of Ethics
  • Include a $115 fee via Money Order, Cashiers check/business check/Visa/MasterCard are acceptable.  No cash or other methods of payments will be accepted.
You will be subject to a criminal background check.  Feel free to review Oregon Administrative Rule for criminal conviction or past actions that could result in failure to pass a background check.  This background check could take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months, depending on our current backlog and/or how extensive your background may be.
Once you have complied with all of the above requirements, you may be eligible for a Temporary Work Permit (PS-20).  This permit allows you to provide security services on a temporary basis while the state of Oregon is completing your background investigation.  A PS-20 can only be issued by a licensed Executive Manager through DPSST.  Contact your licensed Executive Manager for further details.
If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at (503) 378-8531
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Becoming a Private Security Provider

I want to be certified or licensed for the first time, what do I need to complete?
Please view 'How to apply for Private Security'.

I am applying for multiple certifications, are there additional requirements? 
Please contact DPSST. Some fees may not be required when certain certifications and licenses are combined.

What is the process add, renew or upgrade a certification/licensure? 
Please view 'Adding, Renewing and Upgrading'.

If you are adding Manager or Instructor, in order to attend the manager or instructor class, we must first receive your paperwork and fees to attend the class prior to the class deadline. This request cannot be made via email or by telephone.

I was previously certified or licensed but my card has since lapsed. Is there anything else I need?
A late submission penalty will be assessed if reapplying after the expiration date of the certification or licensure.

Applicants renewing their certification or licensure more than four years after the expiration date of the certification or licensure must submit a new application packet; see 'How to Apply for Private Security'.


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I have been fingerprinted before, do I need to do prints through DPSST too?
Yes. Our program cannot access your previous background information from any other agency per state and federal law as it is considered third party reporting.
If you are renewing your certification/licensure, fingerprints are not required at this time.  

If I get fingerprint by someone, do I need to pay the fingerprint fee?
Yes. The fingerprint fee is the fee that is applied to conduct your background check. It is what we are charged to run your background to obtain your criminal history. This is separate from the fee you pay to have someone print or scan your fingerprints.

My fingerprints were rejected again by your agency, what do I do?
Prints are rejected from Oregon State Police and FBI, and sent to us for follow up. Please review their attached form which explains the reason for the rejection. If you have a condition that makes fingerprinting you difficult, you may have your fingerprint technician attach a note explaining the reason for print quality. Sometimes the letter will give tips on correcting the issue, such as drying hands, using lotion, etc.
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Where do I get the training needed?
For unarmed, alarm, or armed training, please go to the List of Instructors. For manager and instructor, please refer to the PS Training Calendar.

Where can I get training for baton, pepper spray, handcuffing, etc.?
We do not regulate any training for restraints or weapons other than firearms. You are welcome to refer to the List of Instructors to find someone who may provide that training. The list is a courtesy only and not an endorsement of qualification.

I have prior experience in military, law enforcement, or security. Am I exempt from training?
No. Regardless of past experience, the required training must be taken.

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Restrictions/Regulations for Private Security Providers/Companies

Are there any restrictions or regulations for Private Security Providers or Companies?
If you have a private security certification or own a business that employs private security providers, it is your responsibility to be aware of other state and federals law that restrict or regulate you and your business.
For example, some relevant restrictions and laws that are not regulated or enforced by DPSST are: criminal impersonation, criminal impersonation of a peace officer, copying or imitating the standard Oregon State Police uniform, knowingly falsifying any information pertinent to an application for private security certification, prohibited lighting on vehicles, and misuse of the Oregon State Seal.
These items are examples of Oregon Revised Statutes, which if violated, may result in an arrest or citation by a law enforcement officer or sanctioned by the governing agency.   Additionally, if there is a violation of Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) or Oregon Revised Statues (ORS) and it is directly related to your job and/or the functions of a private security provider or company, these violations could result in an investigation and sanctions by DPSST.

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Out of State Inquires

Does your program have reciprocity with any other state?
No. Any individual applying to provide services in or for Oregon should refer to the Getting Started page for information.

What type of business license do I need for my company?
Our program certifies and licenses individuals, not companies. Please refer to the Getting Started page for more information.

Do we need to have a company in Oregon, or does there have to be a manager in Oregon?
No. We do not require a resident business or manager in Oregon.

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General Questions

How long does it take to get a certification or license?
The process generally takes between one to four months. This time frame may vary depending on whether or not there are any delays in processing, such as deficiencies, fingerprints being rejected, or criminal history.
Certification cards are printed twice a month.

Do I need to be certified as unarmed before adding armed to my certification?
No. The unarmed training is a requirement of obtaining an armed/unarmed certification, but you don’t have to be certified as unarmed prior to applying for armed.

I received a Notice of Violation letter in the mail, what does it mean?
Notice of Violation letters are sent for various reasons, but overall it is because according to our records, or subsequent investigation, you failed to meet the minimum standards set forth in administrative law. The letter is an educational tool that gives you the opportunity to correct the immediate issue in lieu of receiving a potential civil penalty in the future.

I was recently arrested and charged with a crime; do I need to report it to you?

Oregon Revised Statute 181.885 Effect of being charged with crime.

1) If a private security provider is charged with a crime, the private security provider shall notify the private security provider’s employer, or, if the private security provider is not employed, the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, of that fact not later than 48 hours after the charge is filed.
(2) If an executive manager knows that an employee has been charged with a crime, the executive manager shall notify the department of that fact not later than 48 hours after the executive manager acquired the knowledge.
(3) The department may suspend the certificate or license of a private security provider charged with a crime pending disposition of the charge.
(4) If an applicant for certification or licensure as a private security provider is charged with a crime, the applicant shall notify the department of that fact not later than 48 hours after the charge is filed.
What is your fax number?

How do I submit a supply order?
Please go to PS Forms and print off a PS-3 (supply form) and fax your order to 503-378-4600.

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