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Status Checks & Public Records Request
Status Checks


SNAPSHOT - What is the status of an employee?
Executive Managers of active companies have been assigned a password to the link below. This link will allow executive managers to view their officers’ status and training history. If you have not yet received your company password, please email or call us.

SNAPSHOT LINK http://dpsstnet.state.or.us/SnapshotPrivateSecurity/SMSLogon.aspx

How do I replace my certificate/license due to name change, lost, stolen or destroyed?
You will need to complete and submit a PS-23 and a processing fee of $20. For name changes please provide documentation of a legal name change. Documentation can be a copy of a driver's license, social security card, or court document.

How do I find out the status of my certification or license?
If currently employed you may contact your Executive Manager who can access SNAPSHOT. If you are not currently employed or your Executive Manager is not available, you can call us. Please allow a minimum of three weeks before calling if you are renewing or adding a certification, and a minimum of eight weeks before calling if you are a new applicant.

How do I see if someone is certified in your system?
Our program can look up a specific individual or company to see if they are currently issued in our system. For Executive or Supervisory Managers looking at hiring the individual, we can verify what if any deficiencies may be outstanding.
However, if you want information on compliance, or want to obtain records of an individual or company, please refer to the section below for public records request.

Public Records Request


What is a Public Records Request?
A public records request is any information that is requested by the public regarding a company, provider, or materials provided by DPSST.

How do I make a Public Records Request?
First determine the information needed. Then contact us to find out an estimate on cost and for turn around time. Once you obtain that, send in a written request outlining what is needed and the fee. We will not process any request until payment is received. There is some information that cannot be provided, such as if there is an ongoing investigation, or someone’s criminal history. Send your request to Records - dpsst.records@state.or.us

How much does a Public Records Request cost?
The cost varies depending on what is requested. Cost is $5 for up to the first ten (10) pages, then $0.50 cents per page thereafter. There is also the cost of staff time to put together the documentation. If the cost exceeds the estimate, we will contact you before proceeding.

Is there anyone who doesn’t have to pay?
Yes. Law Enforcement who is obtaining the information for an investigation or who looking at someone to employee may obtain the information free of charge.

Is there a way to get the information I want for cheaper?
Possibly. If you want proof that someone went through training, obtained a certification, etc, you may be able to request a template on that individual. A template is a computer generated summary of an individuals’ history. This history includes all information that is on the initial application as well as his/her certification history, what training they’ve taken, and when. The cost is $5 and involves less staff time than pulling the record, redacting the confidential information, and refilling.

How long do you keep records?
Records in our database are maintained indefinitely. However, hard copies of the application, complaints, and other information may fall under various retention schedules as required by law. Hard copies of applications for example are not kept longer than 6 years.