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Academic Proficiency Standards (Formerly Reading/Writing Standard)
Police, Telecommunications and Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD):
Due to a change in Oregon Administrative Rule regarding testing requirements for police, telecommunications, and emergency medical dispatch (EMD), DPSST will no longer approve or provide reading and writing vendor lists.
Police, telecommunications and EMD disciplines still require passing a law enforcement proficiency test or validated written test designed to evaluate predictors of job-related skills and behaviors prior to being scheduled for Basic or COD training. However, criminal justice agencies can choose the test that best fits their hiring needs.  Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited education institution are exempt from testing.
Agencies still need to submit verification that their applicants have been tested and report that information on a DPSST F-5 (Application for Training Form). The F-5 Form has been updated to reflect this change.
OAR 259-008-0010, Proposed Rule Change, Corrections and Parole and Probation, Academic Proficiency Standard:
At the direction of the Board on Public Safety Standards and Training, DPSST will require all correctional officers and parole and probation officers to demonstrate academic proficiency prior to being allowed entry into basic corrections and parole and probation courses beginning after January 1, 2015.
The purpose of the academic proficiency standard is to reduce the academy failure rate by ensuring that all applicants for training possess the requisite skills required to successfully complete the basic courses. This standard mirrors the current requirements for individuals applying for entry into the basic police and telecommunicator courses.
This new requirement will affect all agencies employing corrections or parole and probation officers. Agencies will be free to administer whichever test or testing method best fits their unique needs. Test information will be recorded on the DPSST Form F5, Application for Training.
OAR 259-008-0010:
The following is proposed revised language for OAR 259-008-0010 (Minimum Standards for Employment as a Law Enforcement Officer).
The text contains additions (bold and underlined) and deletions (strikethrough text).
Minimum Standards for Employment as a Law Enforcement Officer
(c) Academic Proficiency Standard. Before beginning basic police training, challenging basic police training, or beginning the police career officer development course, each applicant must provide evidence to DPSST that the applicant possesses the academic tools necessary to successfully complete basic police training.
(A) The hiring agency is responsible for ensuring a law enforcement proficiency test or validated written test designed to evaluate predictors of job-related skills and behaviors has been administered. The hiring agency must verify the completion of the test and report the date of completion to the Department on a Form F-5 (Application for Training) prior to the applicant being admitted to basic police training.
(B) Individuals submitting transcripts verifying that they possess at least a four-year academic degree from an institution recognized by the Department under the provisions of OAR 259-008-0045 are exempt from this testing requirement.
Proposed Academic Proficiency Requirement Process:
·       The hiring agency chooses a law enforcement proficiency test or validated written test designed to evaluate predictors of job-related skills and behaviors.
·       The test is administered by the hiring agency to the applicant prior to being scheduled for the basic course.
·       The hiring agency will submit testing information to DPSST on a Form F-5, Application for Training.
·       Testing information required for the F-5 is type of test given and the date.
If you have questions or concerns regarding the Corrections/P&P academic proficiency standard, please contact Sharon Huck, Rules Coordinator at DPSST, by email at Sharon.k.huck@state.or.us or by telephone at 503-378-2432.
Link to Revised Administrative Rules.