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Real Estate Asset Management Plan (REAMP)
Introduction and Background
The State Land Board, through the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL), manages approximately 2.3 million acres of land and mineral rights owned by the State of Oregon, known as Common School Fund (CSF) lands.  In 1995, the Land Board adopted an Asset Management Plan (AMP) to guide the management and disposition of lands in accordance with ORS 273.245 and to improve their long-term financial performance and revenue generation.  The 1995 plan was replaced by the 2006 AMP.
This 2012 Real Estate Asset Management Plan (REAMP) replaces the 2006 plan.  The overall purpose of the REAMP is to provide policy guidance on how state-owned lands should be managed by the Land Board and DSL to provide the greatest benefit for the Common School Fund and the people of Oregon over the next decade.

A Different Approach
The 2012 REAMP takes a different approach from the previous plans by being less specific on individual parcels, and focusing more on policy guidance for managing DSL’s real estate portfolio. Rather than identifying specific parcels for disposal, the REAMP includes specific criteria for evaluating lands for disposal and acquisition along with other procedures to guide land management decisions.

Purpose of the New Plan
The 2006 AMP has successfully guided the management of CSF lands for the past five years. The Land Board and DSL have made major strides in fulfilling the implementation tasks identified in the AMP and in increasing contributions to the CSF. The 2006 plan called for a revision mid-way through the ten-year plan to assure it remains up-to-date.
Much has changed nationally and statewide since 2006, including a much weaker economy. The previous plan focused on acquiring properties in Central Oregon, a region that has recently experienced some of the worst economic declines in the state. As a result of this economic volatility, the new plan focuses less on identifying actions on specific properties, and instead provides a policy framework and analytical tools for managing real estate assets throughout Oregon. For these reasons, this plan is prepared as a new ten-year plan rather than a five-year revision to the 2006 AMP.
Finally, the REAMP includes specific implementation actions that will be actively pursued over the ten-year life of the plan. These actions address land management activities to achieve the overall goal of increasing returns to the CSF through reinvestment in higher-performing properties, and by evaluating rules and processes to gain efficiency in how DSL staff can best implement the goals of the REAMP.


Approved by the State Land Board at their Feb. 14, 2012 Meeting.

Public Hearings and Testimony Information
Public hearings were held in Burns, Medford and Salem to offer an introduction and to receive public testimony regarding the Real Property Asset Management Plan.


For more information contact:
John R. Russell, AICP
Asset Manager
Oregon Department of State Lands
775 Summer St. NE, Suite 100
Salem, Oregon 97301