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South Redmond Tract Land Use and Management Plan
Public Notice
The Oregon State Land Board met in Salem on Tuesday, October 14, 2008 at 10:00 am  and adopted the South Redmond Land Use and Management Plan.  The meeting was held at the Department of State Lands Building at 775 Summer St NE.
The South Redmond Tract Land Use and Management Plan has been developed through a collaborative planning effort with federal, state and local entities initiated in March 2006, prior to acquisition of the 945-acre tract from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  Strong support for the plan’s proposed land use and management concept has been expressed by the South Redmond Collaborative Planning Group, the Central Oregon Economic Recovery Team, the City of Redmond and economic development professionals in the region and at the statewide level.
While the tract is outside the Redmond Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) and Urban Area Reserve (UAR), it can reasonably be expected to be developed for urban uses due to its location adjacent to the UGB, city limits and existing and/or planned urban infrastructure.  The tract has been identified as a potential site to meet the region’s short-term needs for large-lot industrial development.
In accordance with the land classification standards of the Asset Management Plan, the South Redmond Plan proposes that the tract be classified as Industrial/Commercial/Residential (ICR) under an “active” management strategy.
The plan recommends a concept for urban development (employment uses, primarily large-lot industrial) of the property based upon expansion of the Redmond UGB to include the tract within the near term (two to four years).  To do so, the Department of State Lands (DSL) will seek an amendment to the Redmond UGB to meet regional industrial land needs and subsequent development of the tract for large-lot industrial uses. The UGB amendment for large-lot industrial uses will be based upon: (1) a regional Economic Opportunity Analysis (EOA); and (2) the planned 19th Street extension by the city and county. Recently adopted administrative rules, OAR 660-24, of the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) provide a well-defined process for pursuing an EOA based upon regional employment land needs that can lead to the tract’s inclusion in the Redmond UGB.
An emphasis on energy-related, energy production and sustainable industries will be sought for the industrial designated areas of the tract. The plan seeks to attain “shovel-ready” certification while focusing on a “green” technology campus in line with DSL’s desire to model responsiveness to global climate change and integrate sustainability into all aspects of site planning, design, use and development.
In addition, the plan identifies lands to be retained, exchanged and acquired; as well as showing proposed and conceptual transportation corridors for rail sidings, local roads, streets and the State Highway 97 South re-route.  Both Deschutes County (238 acres) and the Oregon Military Department (10 acres for a new Redmond Armory) have indicated an interest in acquiring lands within the tract; the Department desires to obtain the Juniper Scenic Wayside (80 acres) area from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) via a land exchange.
Preliminary approval for the Deschutes County land exchange proposal was also adopted by the the Land Board at the October 14 meeting in Salem.
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