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Tidally-Influenced Waterways
Salmon River Estuary  
Salmon River Estuary, Lincoln County, photo Jill Burnett
All tidally-influenced waterways, i.e., land subject to tidal influence (with the exception of those parcels the state may have sold since statehood) are owned by the State of Oregon.
When the original thirteen states took sovereignty of their land from the British after the American Revolution, those states became owners of the submerged and submersible land underlying what are termed "navigable" waters, we well as the land underlying tidal waters.
Under the Equal Footing Doctrine, federal courts have held that states entering the union have the same rights as did the original thirteen states.
Therefore, when Oregon was admitted to the Union in 1859, it became the owner of all submerged and submersible land underlying both the navigable waterways and tidal waters within its borders as a part of its sovereignty.
The heads of tide locations listed are based on inspection or other evidence obtained by Department staff prior to 1989. The head of tide on any particular waterway may have changed since then.
Some Columbia River tributaries in Clatsop, Columbia and Multnomah Counties may be tidally-influenced but have not been investigated by the Department.
For specific locations of heads of tides, see this document for maps. 

Tidal P​ool, Lincoln County photo Kevin Moynahan
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