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Aquatic Resource Management Forms & Publications

Application Help

Determ​​ining Latitude and Longitude 
General Authorization Completeness/Eligibility Checklist Word  PDF 
Guide for Placement of Wood, Boulders and Gravel for Habitat Restoration
Heads of Tide for Coastal Streams in Oregon  
Joint Application Checklist - Completeness
​OAR 141-085,89,93,100,102 Rules ​PDF​
Streamflow Duration Assessment Method for Oregon  
Removal-Fill Guide Chapter 5 How to Apply for a Permit   PDF​
Resource Coordinator Territory Assignments
Streamflow Assessment Data Form for Oregon  
Territorial Sea Plan Part 2 Checklist​ Word PDF
Wetlands of Conservation Concern   PDF 

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B​​ond Surety Form  
Compensatory Wetland Mitigation Plan Checklist
CWM Assignment of Deposit Word​  
Deed Restriction-DSL Only
Deed Restriction DSL/COE Version Word  PDF 
Estuarine Mitigation - The Oregon Process   PDF
Irrevocable Letter of Credit  
Monitoring Report Cover Sheet PDF​
Mitigation Monitoring Report Template​ Word
Mitigation Reporting Spreadsheet Template EXCEL 
​Payment Calculator for In-Lieu Fee Mitigation (ILF/PIL) ​EXCEL
Personal Guarantee Word   
​Routine Monitoring Guidance for Vegetation ​PDF​
​Six-digit Hydrologic Unit Code Area Map ​PDF​
Stream Mitigation Guidance PDF

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Permit Forms

​​Em​ergency Permit Application with STAA ​Word ​PDF
General Authorization Notification Packet with STAA ​Word ​PDF​
General Permit to Maintain Drainage for Protection of Agricultural Lands​ Word ​PDF​
​In-​Water Work Period Variance Request ​​Word​ PDF​
Joint Application for Individual Removal-Fill Permit  
Notification for Certain Exempt Voluntary Habitat Restoration Projects  
Incumbency Certificate Formfill​ Word   
Permit Transfer - Corporation Word  PDF
Permit Transfer - Individual Word PDF

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Proprietary Waterway Authorizations

​Consent to Sublease​ Formfill PDF
Easement - Across State Land or Waterbody​ Formfill PDF
Easement - Territorial Sea ​ Formfill PDF
Log Salvage or Piling Removal​ Formfill PDF
​New Live-Aboard Boating Brochure ​PDF​
Public Facility License​ Formfill PDF
Sand & Gravel​ Formfill PDF
Short Term Access Agreement​ Formfill PDF
​Special Use Formfill PDF
​Special Use Lease Assignment Formfill PDF​
​Waterway Lease Formfill PDF
​Waterway Lease Assignment Formfill PDF
​Waterway Remediation/Restoration Activity Formfill PDF
​      Remediation/Restoration Fee Matrix Word
​Waterway Structure Registration 2012 - (and prior) New/Renewals Formfill ​PDF
​Waterway Structure Registration 2013 - New/Renewals Formfill ​PDF
​Waterway Structure Registration 2014 - New/Renewals Formfill PDF
​Waterway Structure Registration 2015 - New/Renewals             Formfill ​PDF​
Waterway Structure Registration​ 2016 - New/Renewals                                   Formfill ​PDF​
​Waterway Structure Registration  - Change of Ownership Formfill ​PDF
​Wharf Structure Certification Formfill ​​PDF​
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Recreational Placer Mining

Ap​​plication (GA) Word
Online Application  
Online Report Form   
Year-End Report Form

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Vernal Pool General Permit

​​Rog​ue Valley Vernal Pool Critical Habitat Map        PDF 
Agate Desert Vernal Pool Draft Function Assessment Methodology April 2007   PDF 
Guidance to Assist in the Assessment of, and Conservation Efforts for, Vernal Pool Systems on the Agate Desert, Jackson County, Oregon, USFWS, June 2008   PDF 
Master spreadsheet for 2007 vernal pool functions inventory, revised 2013​ EXCEL
Vernal Pool General Permit Mitigation Performance Standards and Monitoring Methods   PDF 

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Wetland Assessment

​Corrections Sh​eet for Willamette and Statewide HGM Class
Estuary Salinity Maps
Guidance for Using ORWAP in State and Federal Permit Programs
Hydrogeomorphic Guidebook: Statewide Classification & Profiles 
Hydrogeomorphic Guidebook: (Tidal) Pt 1
Rapid Assessment Method​
Hydrogeomorphic Guidebook: (Tidal) Pt 2
Science Review and Data Analysis 
Hydrogeomorphic Guidebook: (Tidal) Pt 3
Wetland Profiles of Oregon's Coastal Watersheds and Estuaries
Hydrogeomorphic Guidebook: (Willamette Valley) Order Form   PDF
Hydrogeomorphic Guidebook: (Willamette) Vol 1A Assessment Methods PDF
Hydrogeomorphic Guidebook: (Willamette) Vol 1B Technical Report PDF
Hydrogeomorphic River Impounding Calculator EXCEL 
Hydrogeomorphic River Impounding Data Form EXCEL 
Hydrogeomorphic Slope/Flats Calculator
Hydrogeomorphic Slope/Flats Data Form EXCEL
Hydrogeomorphic Tidal Wetland Calculator EXCEL 
Oregon Freshwater Wetland Assessment Methodology (OFWAM) (8 mb) PDF
Oregon Freshwater Wetland Assessment Methodology (OFWAM) Order Form PDF
Oregon Rapid Wetland Assessment Protocol Calculator  EXCEL 
Oregon Rapid Wetland Assessment Protocol Data Forms PDF 
Oregon Rapid Wetland Assessment Protocol Manual Version 2.0.2
Oregon Rapid Wetland Assessment Protocol Supplemental Information
Vernal Pool Function Assessment Method​ PDF
Vernal Pool Function Assessment Method Master Spreadsheet​ EXCEL

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Wetland Fact Sheets

​​​​​​​​W​etlands in Oregon    PDF​
The National Wetlands Inventory    PDF
Local Wetlands Inventories   PDF
Wetlands and Waterways Regulations   PDF
How to Identify Wetlands   PDF
Wetland Functions and Assessment    PDF
Compensatory Mitigation for Wetland Impacts   PDF
Choosing and Using a Wetlands Consultant   PDF
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Wetland Grant Program

​​​​​​​​Bu​dget Categories and Definitions    PDF
Criteria for Selection    PDF
Evaluation Process  PDF
FAQs    PDF 
Project Checklist     PDF 
Project Eligibility and Priorities  PDF 

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Wetland Identification and Delineation

​​​​A​​​r​i​​d​ W​​est​ De​lineation Data Form
Arid West Delineation Manual Supplement  
Western Mountains, Valleys and Coast Data Form Word 
Western Mountains, Valleys and Coast Manual Supplement   PDF
Wetland Delineation Report Cover Form
​Request for Reissuance of a Jurisdictional Determination Word​ ​PDF​
Wetland Delineation Report Checklist   
Wetland Delineation Report Format  
Wetland Delineation GIS Submittal Guidance Draft ​ PDF
Delineation Guidance for Large and Linear Projects  PDF
Wetland Delineation Report Guidance   
Wetland Determination Request Form  

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Wetland Planning

​​​​Wetland Land Use Notification Form Online  Word  PDF 
Wetlands Inventory User's Guide   PDF 
Wetland Planning Guidebook   PDF 

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Other Documents

Oregon's ​Agricultural Water Quality Management Act ​PDF
​​Or​ego​n's Wetland Conservation Strategy PDF
Oregon Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Strategy 2012 PDF 
Oregon Wetlands Priority Plan 1989 PDF
Oregon Wetland Program Plan 2011 PDF 
Removal-Fill Report 2011-12 PDF 
Recommendations for a Nonregulatory Wetland Restoration Program for Oregon PDF
Wetland Land Use Change in the Willamette Valley; 1982 to 1994​ PDF
Wetland Land Use Change in the Willamette Valley; 1994 to 2005 PDF 
Wetland Compensatory Mitigation in Oregon. A Program Evaluation With a Focus on Portland Metro Area Projects​ PDF
Wetland Regulatory Compliance in the Willamette Valley 1982-1994​ PDF
Heroic Tales of Wetland Restoration. The Wetlands Conservancy. For a free, hard copy Please contact Andrea Downing.
See all Department of State Lands forms and publications 

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