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General Authorizations
waterway-related projects  
Habitat enhancement photo Gary Wilson courtesy NRCS
Oregon´s Removal-Fill Law allows the agency to grant, by administrative rule, General Authorizations for removal and fill activities that would cause only minimal individual and cumulative environmental impacts, and would not result in long-term harm to water resources of the state.
GAs have been developed as an expedited process for nine specific removal-fill activities, and have the following characteristics:
  • They are developed through administrative rule which lists the eligible activities, mandatory requirements and conditions for authorization.
  • They are developed for activities that result in minimal adverse effects to waters of the state.
  • They are not available for projects conducted in SSWs.
  • With the exception of the Placer Mining GA, Removing and Disposing of Sediment Behind Tide Gates GA, and Minimal Disturbance GA, they may be combined to cover a single project.
To apply for a GA, a notification form must be submitted to the Department. Within 30 days of receipt of the notification form, the Department will determine if the notice is complete and whether the project is eligible for a GA.
Contact a DSL resource coordinator to determine whether a specific project is eligible for approval under a General Authorization if you do not have previous experience with this type of authorization.
In order to qualify for a GA, your project must meet all the criteria and you must agree to abide by all conditions specified.
  • Certain Minimal Disturbance Activities Within Essential Salmonid Habitat
  • Piling Placement and Removal Within Essential Salmonid Habitat
  • Temporary Impacts to Non-Tidal Wetlands
  • Waterway Bank Stabilization
  • Certain Transportation-Related Activities
  • Removing and Disposing of Sediment Behind Tidegates and Within Hydraulically Closed Perimeters
  • Waterway Habitat Restoration
  • Wetland Ecosystem Restoration
  • Recreational Placer Mining in Essential Salmonid Habitat
More information, including a brief description of each GA and eligibility criteria
Application Assistance
Processing GA Notifications
GA Notification Instructions