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Wetland photo courtesy NRCS Gary Wilson
Are there Wetlands On my Property?
A wetland determination and wetland boundary delineation may be needed to determine what areas are subject to state Removal-Fill Law and federal Clean Water Act permit requirements, for wetland inventory work, or for other purposes.
Wetland inventory maps (Statewide Wetlands Inventory ) are useful tools for  helping to determine if wetlands may be present in an area.
However, only an on-site inspection of "suspect areas" by a qualified professional can provide a definitive answer.
The Department conducts wetland determinations for the public upon request, as staffing and other priorities (like processing permits) allow. Sometimes, an "offsite" determination by the Department using available wetland and soil maps and information from the landowner suffice to get the process started.
If the offsite determination reveals that wetlands are probable and there are development plans for the site, you may be referred to private consultants who can perform the detailed wetland delineation and mapping and handle the permit application process for you.
All wetland delineation reports should be submitted to the wetlands program leader at the Department for verification and a written jurisdictional determination--a determination of which areas are subject to state permit requirements--prior to any ground alteration.
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