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Educational Programs
Learn about South Slough...
Students discover the life under the mudflats.  
Students discover the life under the mudflats.
Imagine that in one day, you and your students have traveled to the nation’s first estuarine research reserve….hiked to the estuary’s waters by way of the "Hidden Creek Trail"…embarked on an adventurous "Treasure Trail"….watched a Great Blue Heron stalking a fish….ventured over salt marsh on a boardwalk…unlocked locks, dug up buried clues, discovered the natural treasures, and learned the secrets of a little known but valuable wild place.   The Estuary Study Program:
  • Helps students learn about the foundation of a unique and fragile ecosystem and become familiar with the living things that the estuary supports.
  • Includes preparatory materials that will help students organize, in advance, the information they will need to know before arriving at the reserve.
  • Incorporates sequential learning united under a motivating theme with all instructional activities aimed at specific learning outcomes.
  • Emphasizes direct participation and active involvement where fun and adventure are the catalysts for learning.
  • Includes follow-up classroom activities that help students apply the knowledge that they’ve learned.
  • Is a Standards-Based program carefully designed to assist students in achieving National and Oregon Science Benchmarks.
  You and your students are invited to get involved in this exciting field trip. We suggest that you plan well in advance to schedule the Estuary Study Program for your class during the spring or fall field trip sessions.

Program Specifics
Students learn of the diversity within salt marshes.  
Students learn of the diversity within salt marshes.
Click on a particular program title for detailed information.  For all programs, please consult our Teacher’s Guide: Information and How to Schedule a Field Trip for important information regarding your upcoming visit to South Slough.  

Educational Program
Grade Level
Tide of the Toddlers
Treasures of South Slough
4, 5
Secrets of the Medallion
Lore of South Slough 
7, 8
Estuary: an Ecosystem and a Resource 
Custom Educational Programs

Scheduling a Field Trip

Educators teach about the mysteries of the estuary.

When calling or emailing to schedule a field trip and/or leadership training, determine a first and second choice of dates. To schedule a trip, email or call Eric Dean, the Education Program Specialist at:


(541) 888-5558 x 126



TIDES Curriculum

TIDES - Teaching Investigation and Discovery through Estuary Study
TIDES Introduction
TIDES Curriculum 


Supporting Materials
TIDES Activity Format Notes 
TIDES Final Activity Summary 
TIDES Glossary of Terms
TIDES Master Outcome List
TIDES Master Vocabulary List

Resources for TIDES
Directions for Estuary Field Study journals 
Living in the Estuary - the full story 
TIDES Explorer Kits Costs
Estuaries Feature Series (full series, page numbered & print ready)
Cover page for EFS
Quadrat Diagrams 
Quadrat Diagram with Labels 
Power Point Presentations 


Additional Links
Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan 
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National Estuarine Research Reserve educational resources - www.estuaries.noaa.gov
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