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Resources for visitors, teachers and researchers
An aerial view of the estuary on a sparkling, sunny day.  
An aerial view of the estuary on a sparkling, sunny day.
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The Economic Value of Coasts and Estuaries

Understanding and Responding to Climate Change 
Highlights of National Academies Reports
Illustrated Guide to Oregon Estuarine Invertebrates  
Estuaries Feature Series
A series of 54 articles, the Estuaries Feature Series cover topics from estuarine ecology to cultural influences on the estuary.
Estuarine Management Issues
An in-depth look at six particular topics of importance in Oregon´s estuaries.
Strategic Plan
Enhanced Coastal Observation System and Predictive Hydrodynamic Model for Improved
Management of the Coos Bay Estuary, Oregon. 

Oregon Tide Tables 
Explaining the Tides  


Sea Grant 
West Coast Regional Marine Research and Information Needs  

Academic and Professional Publications

Produced by South Slough Reserve staff and affliates 

Pacific Estuarine Research Society_ 2013poster.pdf

 Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

Settlement and post-settlement mortality as determinants of the spatial distribution of Olympia oysters in Coos Bay, Oregon  R. Rimler & C. Pritchard


Aquatic Ecology.pdf
Quantifying the historic contribution of Olympia oysters to filtration in Pacific Coast (USA) estuaries and the implications for restoration objectives

P. S. E. zu Ermgassen, M. W. Gray,C. J. Langdon, M. D. Spalding & R. D. Brumbaugh

NOAA Reference Sites: South Slough NERR Site Report
Measuring Salt Marsh Plant, Soil and Hydrologic Response to Restoration Using Performance Benchmarks From Local Reference Sites

Port Orford Cedar Technical Team Needs Assessment  
Large Woody Habitat in Tidelands 
Bacterial Contamination of Sunset Bay State Park 
Coastal Resource Management Series
Case histories designed to share concepts, methods, and lessons that have been learned at South Slough NERR.
Additional Publications and Reports

Winchester Tidelands Restoration
Winchester channel  
Winchester channel
Winchester Tidelands Restoration Project
Winchester Tidelands Restoration  

Advisory Group and Workshop
Winchester Tidelands Restoration Advisory Group  

planet earth  

Important Links for visitors, students, teacher, professionals, and more! 

U.S. State Department

Estuary: An Ecosystem and a Resource study guide -
a 66 page guide published in 1984 for high school level audiences
Oregon Wetlands Explorer: Reference Site Data 

Upper Watershed Restoration Action Plan.pdf 
NERRS Centralized Data Management Office
NOAA 312 Evaluation
South Slough NERR Management Plan 
South Slough NERR Management Plan Appendices 
South Slough NERR Cooperative Plan for Watershed Conservation 
South Slough NERR Cooperative Plan for Watershed Conservation Appendices
South Slough NERR Fee Rule and Rate Chart
Economic Impact of the Designation of the South Slough Reserve 

South Slough NERR Site Profile

Estuarine Reserves  Proposal for pCO2 Sensor.pdfEstuarine Reserves Proposal for pCO2 Sensor.pdf

South Slough NERR Disaster Response Plan



Tsunami Evacuation Maps & More

Tsunami Evacuation Maps
Tsunami evacuation maps for selected Oregon coastal communities  
(Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries) 

Tsunami Disaster Supplies Kit
Create a Family Disaster Supplies Kit
From the Earthquake Tsunami Connection workshop. 
Tsunami Publications and Reports

Tsunami Debris Information

Oregon Coast Tsunami History Report

2004 Indonesian Tsunami - Lessons Learned