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Stewardship Overview & Partnerships
Anderson Creek
The South Slough NERR Stewardship Program was proposed as part of the 1994 Management Plan revision. In response to recommendations from NOAA, the Reserve established a Stewardship Program Coordinator position in 1995 to oversee and implement stewardship functions and policies. The Stewardship Program is responsible for the planning, project management, and monitoring associated with habitat restoration in the Reserve, and for coordinating habitat acquisition planning and watershed monitoring activities.

Program Overview
SSNERR Restoration Sites
Current Stewardship Program activities consist primarily of planning, seeking funding for, and implementing experimental habitat restoration projects and associated monitoring. The Reserve implemented a series of tidal and non-tidal wetland restoration projects between 1996 and 2003. Monitoring at these restoration sites has been under way since 1995 with a focus on evaluating the results of experimental projects and determining project effectiveness.
In 1995, South Slough NERR received a donation of $1.6 million for habitat acquisition from the estate of Chalmer Gustafson. This bequest underscored the need to develop a plan to guide habitat acquisition at the Reserve. Through the formation of a Cooperative Plan Advisory Group (CPAC), the Reserve worked with input from the community to complete the South Slough NERR Cooperative Plan for Watershed Conservation in 1999. Implementation of the plan is a focus area for the Stewardship Program.

Collaborations with a variety of partners have been essential to the success of a range of projects implemented by the Stewardship Program. In addition to planning and funding assistance, partners in the form of grant-supported staff, contractors, students, volunteers and youth work crews provide the labor for many of the activities associated with the restoration and monitoring projects. The Stewardship Program will continue to foster partnerships with interested organizations, academics, and natural resource professionals in its efforts to promote responsible management of estuarine and coastal ecosystems.