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Oregon Rapid Wetland Assessment Protocol (ORWAP)
ORWAP consists of several components - all downloadable below. Components include the Users Manual; two Excel spreadsheets that are the guts of ORWAP; PDF versions of the data forms that users fill out; PDF versions of several of the supplemental information worksheets; and a separate guidance document for using ORWAP for state and federal permitting.
ORWAP is used for assessing wetlands for purposes of the state Removal-Fill Law, and is also recommended by the Portland District Corps of Engineers. However, please see DSL's administrative rules regarding those instances when Oregon's reference-based HGM methods must be used, instead of ORWAP (OAR 141-085-0685).
ORWAP Users Manual Version 2.0.2 
The ORWAP Users Manual provides step-by-step, illustrated instructions for using ORWAP. It also includes background information, information about ORWAP development and testing, using ORWAP for various purposes, descriptions of the models and complete citations. It is strongly recommended that you print the Manual in color (due to the color maps and other illustrations). If you wish to print only the portions that are important to read and have handy as a "field manual" to save on printing cost, print just through Section 4.0 and also print Appendix A: Additional Explanatory Illustrations. It is essential that anyone applying ORWAP read these sections thoroughly. See below and/or contact DSL for information regarding training in ORWAP.
ORWAP Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet) Version 2.0.2 May 2012
This spreadsheet contains the office and field data form worksheets, the FinalScores form (scores automatically generated by ORWAP), the data forms for your data entry (from the office and field forms), and all of the detailed output derived from your data entry. The PDF forms below are user-friendly, formatted versions of the data form worksheets for use in the field. Print and use these PDF versions rather than the worksheets for collecting your data.
CoverPg Data Form  
Office Data Form  
Field F Data Form  
Field S Data Form  
ORWAP Supplemental Information (Excel Spreadsheet) Version 2.0.2 June 2012
This separate spreadsheet contains a wealth of additional information. Explore it! The worksheets that you will need for answering specific questions - and are most likely to refer to regularly and want to take with you in the field - are provided below as concise, formatted PDF files. The name of the related worksheet is given in parentheses.
National Wetland Plant List   
Invasive Plants (P_INVAS worksheet)  
Non-Native Plants Found in Oregon Wetlands (P_EXO worksheet)  
Wetland Plants Uncommon in Oregon (P_UnCom worksheet)  
Salt-tolerant and Low Tidal Marsh Plants (P_SALT worksheet)  
Plants Reputed to Support Nitrogen Fixation (NFIX worksheet)  
Important Bird Areas (IBA worksheet)  
Estuary Salinity Maps  
These maps are referred to in ORWAP Question D49. All maps are in one file.
North Florence Dunal Aquifier Map  
This map shows the North Florence Aquifier area referred to in ORWAP Question D44
Flow Chart for Estimating Soil Composition  
This chart is in Appendix A of the ORWAP Users Manual but you may want to print this to take into the field.
Helpful Website Tools
USGS National Map Viewer:
Wetland Explorer ORWAP Reporter Assessment website:   
USDA's Web Soil Survey website:
Oregon DEQ LASAR website:
PRISM Data Explorer for Mean Annual Precipitation Data:
Portland Audubon Important Bird Area (IBA) map:
A site that draws and measures the CA automatically if a stream intersects your wetland:
Guidance for Using ORWAP in State and Federal Permit Programs 
This document was developed along with ORWAP to provide guidance to applicants, consultants and regulatory staff for using ORWAP for state and federal permit purposes.
Frequently Asked Questions on Regulatory Guidance for Using ORWAP 
Previous ORWAP Versions 
Previously-distributed versions of ORWAP are provided here.  The purpose is to allow users to apply an identical ORWAP version to a site that is being assessed over a period of years.  However, if you used version 2.0 and completed data entry, please contact Paul Adamus (see e-mail below) for instructions on pasting answers into the updated version 2.0.2.  This is important due to a couple of cell/formula errors discovered in version 2.0.  Version 2.0.1 was the first version maintained for future use.
Version 2.0.1
ORWAP Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet) Version 2.0.1
ORWAP Supplemental Information (Excel Spreadsheet) Version 2.0.1
CoverPg Data Form 
Office Data Form 
Field F Data Form 
Field S Data Form 
Additional Information
 For more information about ORWAP, contact Paul Adamus at Adamus7@comcast.net    or Kathy Verble at Kathy.Verble@state.or.us