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Technical Resources
photo wetland  
Benton County Wetland

Oregon Rapid Wetland Assessment
Protocol (ORWAP) 

Oregon Explorer - ORWAP Viewer​ -                This link will no longer work in Google           Chrome.  If you receive an error, copy        and paste link into Internet Explorer          browser.

HGM Guidebook for the Willamette Valley
HGM Guidebook for Assessing Tidal
Wetlands of the Oregon Coast

Vernal Pool Function Assessment Method
Hydrogeomorphic Approach for
Assessing Wetland Functions
 (National Level)
Download or Order Form for OFWAM
(OR Freshwater Wetland Assessment

Delineation Manual and Regional Supplements: 
Wetland 1987 Delineation Manual 
Arid West Delineation Manual Supplement 
Arid West Data Form (Word)
Arid West Data Form (PDF) 
Manual Supplement Public Notice  
Western Mountains, Valleys & Coast Manual Supplement
Western Mountains Valleys & Coast Data Form (Word)
Western Mountains Valleys & Coast Data Form (PDF)
WMVC Training Workshop 
Link to Corps of Engineers Manual Supplement Information 

 Delineation Report Requirements 

Delineation Guidance for Large and Linear Projects 
Rules for Jurisdictional Determinations and Wetland Delineation Reports (see Division 90) 
Wetland Delineation Report Format​
Wetland Delineation Report Checklist 
Wetland Delineation Report Guidance​ 
Wetland Delineation Report Cover Form 
Request for Reissuance of a Jurisdictional Determination​

National List of Plant Species that Occur in Wetlands: 
US Army Corps of Engineers National Wetland Plant List General Web Page  
ERDC Flora and Field Guide References Supporting all Regional Supplements
ERDC National Wetland Plant List Update Protocol  
Wetland Vegetation and Plant Identification: 
BIOTA of North America Program (BONAP), Taxonomic Data Center,(TDC), North American Vascular Flora ​
Flora of North America
USGS Western Wetland Flora
Oregon Plant Atlas
The Jepson Flora Online
Turner Photographics Wildflowers Website
Carex Working Group
Simple Identification Key to Common Willows, Cottonwoods, Alder, Birch and Dogwood of the Intermountain West
Grass Manuals on the Web
Winter Tree and Shrub Identification
Field Guide for the Identification and Use of Common Riparian Woody Plants
of the Intermountain West and Pacific Northwest Regions
Washington Department of Natural Resources Wetland Field Guides
Oregon Natural Heritage Information Center Publications
Natural Resource Conservation Service Plant Materials Technical Notes
Wetlands Plants of Specialized Habitats in the Arid West

Invasive Species:​

Oregon Department of Agriculture Noxious Weed Control Program
Oregon Invasive Species Council
OPB's Oregon Invasive Species Hotline
Weedmapper Website from OSU, USFS, and the BLM
Emerald Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon
Introduced Species in Oregon Estuaries
University of California Integrated Pest Management Program - Weed Photo Gallery
Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board
Western Invasives Network
National Invasive Species Information Center - Oregon Resource Page
Plant Conservation Alliance Lists
The Nature Conservancy Invasive plant documents & photographs
Hydric Soils:
Hydric Soil Field Indicators Spread Sheet
Hydric Soil Indicators and Manual Supplements Guidance
Published Soil Surveys for Oregon
NRCS Hydric Soils Overview, Introduction, Criteria
NTCHS Field Indicators of Hydric Soils in the United States 

​​Field Book for Describing and Sampling Soils​
NTCHS Technical Notes
Soil Survey Manual 
Soil Formation and Classification
Glossary of Soil Science Terms 
Soil Series Descriptions 
Soil Information
Wet Soil publications
Redox Potential Measurements 
Seasonal Ponded Areas 
Wetlands Update Soils Articles 
Hydrology Resources:
NRCS Engineering Field Handbook Hydrology Tools for Wetland Determination
Corps of Engineers Technical Standard for Water Table Monitoring of Potential Wetland Sites
Corps of Engineers Technical Note Water Table Monitoring Project Design
/dsl/PublishingImages/arrow_gbu3.gifGroundwater and Biodiversity Conservation. 2007. The Nature Conservancy 
USDA Engineering Handbook Chapter 18 Groundwater Hydrology
Streams and Surface Water 
Oregon Water Resources Real Time Streamflow Information
US EPA Stream Flow Duration Assessment Method (SDAM)
USGS Oregon Water Science Center Historical and Real Time Streamflow
FEMA 100-Year Floodplain Maps
Oregon Water Resources Department Water Rights Locator 
Precipitation Data
Oregon Climate Service 
USGS Oregon Water Science Center Portland Metro Precipitation Data
NOAA Drought Information Center
NRCS Climate Analysis for Wetlands by County (WETS Tables) 
Tidal Areas
Tidal Station Locations and Ranges
NOAA Tidal Datums Defined
NOAA Tidal Benchmarks and Gauges in Oregon
Estuary Salinity Maps 
Hydrologic Modeling
The Web-based, Water-Budget, Interactive, Modeling Program (Web WIMP)
OSU Flood frequency analysis model explanations

Classification of Wetlands and Deepwater Habitats of the U.S
Society of Wetland Scientists Pacific Northwest Chapter Consultant List ​
Society of Wetland Scientists Professional Certification Program 
Northwest Environmental Training Center 
Portland State University - Wetland, River and Watershed Professional Development Training

Society of Wetland Scientists
Wetland Soils 

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