Payroll Taxes

This issue may be due to your view settings. You may have your screen view settings set at higher than 100%.​ 

1.    A message that there are no rates in the system for the year entered

2.    No rates exist in the program

3.    I cannot add the current year

4.    Transit District and WBF rates show as N/A.


What do I do?

Ensure you have the newest version of OTTER (2016.3.1).  If you do not have the newest version of OTTER, we suggest to uninstall the current version, download and install the new version.  Step-by-step instructions for the uninstall and install process can be found in the Resource Center, Download OTTER section at

The Database Wizard is located in the Otter32 folder.

1.      Open the “Start Menu”

2.      Open the “My Computer” folder

3.      Open the “C: Drive” folder

4.      Open the “Program Files (x86)” folder

5.      Open the “Otter32” folder

6.      Open DBWizard folder

7.      Scroll down until you find “Otterdbwizard” or “Otterdbwizard.exe” and open

8.      Continue with the Database Migrator Instructions​

Most likely, an old transfer file was attached after clicking "Browse" on the secure server page. Follow these steps to resubmit the correct file:

a) Go to "Computer," C:\OTTERData

b) DELETE the transfer file named OTTERTRF.ZIP.

c) Go through the 'Make Transfer File Wizard,' and upload normally.​ 

Each update of OTTER has a version number. The current version is 2016.3.1

View your current version number by going to the menu bar and selecting "Help," then select "About OTTER." The current version number will be to the right of the photo of the otter. You can also see the version number in the bottom right hand corner of your OTTER window.

To delete an employee from the Form 132 screen follow the instructions below: 


1.      Select the Form 132 in the outline on the left hand side of the main OTTER screen which contains the employees you would like to delete.

2.      There is a gray box next to each Social Security Number in the list. If you click this box, the entire line will change color, which means it is selected. To select multiple lines, hold the Ctrl key while using the mouse to click on the gray box next to the other employees you wish to delete, they will also be selected.

3.      Press the Delete key on your keyboard.

4.      Click the Save button on the toolbar or select Save under the File menu.​


You can sort by any of the columns on the 132, whether you want to sort by last name, first name, or even wages.

Click your mouse pointer on the Heading of the column by which you wish to sort.

In this example, put the pointer in the heading box that says "Last Name," single click on it, and it will sort alphabetically by last name, rather than by Social Security Number.​ 

Delete the existing transfer file OTTERTRF.ZIP out of C:\OTTERData and C:\Program Files (X86)\Otter32.

Go through the 'Make Transfer File Wizard,' and upload normally.​

You cannot look at the individual reports. The file that has been created is OTTERTRF.ZIP. It is a zipped, encrypted file where the data can only be displayed by the Employment Department.

You can view which businesses and quarters are included in the OTTERTRF.ZIP report by following these steps: 


1.      Open OTTER and click on File on the menu bar.

2.      Click on View Transfer File.

3.      The screen will display the default file location, which is C:\\OTTERData\OTTERTRF.ZIP. NOTE:  If you saved your transfer file to a different location, browse to that location.

4.      Once you have located the transfer file, click on Next.

5.      The List of 'Reports in Transfer File,' screen will display. This will show you which businesses and quarters are included in that transfer file. If the report does not contain what you want, follow the steps to 'Make Transfer File' again.​

No. First, correct the report(s) in OTTER for your records.

Next, fill out the necessary amended report forms and send them to the Employment Department at fax number (503) 947-1700, or mail to: 

Oregon Employment Department 
Unemployment Insurance Tax 
875 Union St NE Rm 107 
Salem, OR 97311-0030
DO NOT attempt to send the reports again via OTTER. If only a Social Security Number correction needs to be made, the SSN correction form may also be used.​

The F2 function key does not work when saving data in OTTER 2016. To save your Form 132 you must use the program Save button or by selecting File > Save.​


The Save function button in the application will only work if you access the forms data from the left side navigation bar and not from the tabs menu.  ​


Because Microsoft does not provide mainstream support for these two operating systems. Windows XP mainstream support ended on April 14, 2009 and Windows Vista ended on Aril 10, 2012.  Learn more at​

This error occurs if you have a 32-bit operating systems. To be able to use OTTER in the 32-bit operating system you must create and copy the OTTER files to the new folder. Follow these steps to fix this issue:


1)      Go to your C:/ drive

2)      Right click your mouse anywhere in C:/ and create a new folder named “Program Files (x86)”.

3)      Then go to “Program Files” folder and look for Otter32 folder. Right click your mouse and select Copy or Cut.

4)      Go back to the newly created “Program Files (x86)” folder. Double click on the folder name. That folder should be empty.” Right click” your mouse anywhere and select Paste.

5)      Now you should be able to open OTTER.​

The Kaspersky virus scan tool will require an exclusion rule to be created prior to downloading the OTTER 2016 application.  Please open the attached .pdf document for step by step instructions.

Kaspersky Otter Exclusion Rule.pdfKaspersky Otter Exclusion Rule.pdf

OTTER Technical Support

Oregon Employment Department
875 Union St. NE 
Salem, OR 97311

Hours of Operation

8:00 AM  - 5:00 PM


Phone: 503-947-1544, Option 6
Fax: 503-947-1487

TTY: 7-1-1
Internet Relay: Sprint Relay Online

*During peak reporting times it may take 24-48 hours for an OTTER/SETRON Support Representative to return your call. Many technical questions can be answered through our Frequently Asked Questions page.