Payroll Taxes


OTTER is a free program, provided by the Oregon Employment Department, to allow for the electronic filing of the Oregon Combined Payroll Tax reports.  OTTER is only compatible with Windows based computer operating systems and must be locally installed in order to prepare and submit your 2016 Oregon Quarterly Payroll Tax Report. 


It is recommended that all users Uninstall any previous version of OTTER (See Instructions below in Resource Center) and Install the most current release of OTTER – Version 16.4.0


New Release: OTTER Version 16.4.0 is now available for download and installation!

Updated 20 December 2016


Please read the information below as the processes to download, install and use OTTER 2016 have changed.


Summary of changes:

  1. Start-up wizard
  2. File menu options
  3. All printing functions
  4. Transfer files
  5. Tabs across are now functional
  6. No Payroll button
  7. Numerous minor corrections

Reminder:  You must uninstall previous versions (See instructions in the Resource Center) of OTTER before you download and install Version 16.4.0 


Please view the Resource Center (bottom of this web page).  This section provides additional information and help about OTTER 2016.

The OTTER Installation Instruction Files section includes these help files:

·         Un-Install Instruction - these instructions will assist in un-installing OTTER.

·         Installation Instructions - these instructions will assist to download the program on a standalone PC.

·         Network Installation Instructions - these instructions will assist to download the program to a network.

​​The Other OTTER 2016 Help & Instructions Files section includes these help files:

·         Database Migrator Instructions - these instructions will assist if you have used OTTER in prior years/quarters and would like to transfer your historical data to the new OTTER application database

·         Import Function Instructions - these instructions will assist OTTER 2016 users who rely on import functionality.  OTTER 2016 release 3 supports the import of data through the following data formats for all forms (Form 132, Schedule B and Form OQ):

o   EFW2 (previously MMREF)

o   ASCII Delimited

o   Excel

o   **ASCII Fixed Width format is not supported by OTTER 2016*


When downloading and installing OTTER Version 16.4.0 there are two items to remember:

1.   Since OTTER is an executable file you may receive a warning from your operating system.  If you wish to install and use OTTER you should select the option that continues the download.  This could be “Run” or “Yes” or “Ok.”  You won’t be able to install OTTER if you cancel or stop the download process.

2.   If you are installing OTTER to a network, depending on your network settings, you may need to have administrator rights. 


Resource Center


Please make sure you have read and followed the “uninstallation” and “installation” instructions before clicking the “DOWNLOAD OTTER 2016” link

  • Operating System
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 10
  • Pentium microprocessor or higher
  • 128MB RAM, but 256MB is preferred
  • 20MB free space on the system hard drive​​​

Database Migrator Instructions 
Import Instructions​
If the link in your OTTER program doesn't work, you can upload your OTTER report or wage detail through this secured server.​​






OTTER Technical Support

Oregon Employment Department
875 Union St. NE 
Salem, OR 97311

Hours of Operation

8:00 AM  - 5:00 PM


Phone: 503-947-1544
Fax: 503-947-1487

TTY: 7-1-1
Internet Relay: Sprint Relay Online

*During peak reporting times it may take 24-48 hours for an OTTER/SETRON Support Representative to return your call. 

Many questions can be answered by looking at our Frequently Asked Questions Sheet​​.