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Resource Conservation Mgt Guidebook
Resource Conservation Management Guidebook
The seven chapters are in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format. The Appendices are working documents in Word, Excel or PowerPoint that may be downloaded and customized to your program needs.
Preface  (pdf)
Chapter 1 - Communication is the Key (pdf)
Chapter 2 - The RCM Program Implementation Plan (pdf)
Chapter 3 - Understanding Utility Costs (pdf)
Chapter 4 - RCM Audit and Report Preparation (pdf)
Chapter 5 - Res. Cons. Opportunities Action Plan (pdf)
Chapter 6 - Annual Res. Cons.Activities Plan (pdf)
Chapter 7 - New Construction (pdf)
Glossary and Acronyms (Word)
Conversion Factors (Word)
Helpful Contacts
Technical Training (Word)
Washington Recycling Contacts (Word)
Oregon Recycling Contacts (Word)
Web Sites for Sustainable Design and Const. (Word)
Facility Resource Conservation Audit Form (Excel)
RCM Guidelines for Facility Operators (Word)
RCM Guidelines for Maintenance (Word)
RCM Guidelines for Food Service (Word)
RCM Guidelines for Grounds (Word)
RCM Guidelines for Building Occupants (Word)
Winter Break Shutdown Activities (Word)
Spring Break Shutdown Activities (Word)
Summer Break Shutdown Activities (Word)
Pre-site Visit Telephone Questions (Word)
Building Operator Interview (Word)
Pre-resource Cons. Audit Data Request (Word)
Resource Cons. Opportunities Detail Descrip. (Word)
Resource Conservation Audit Report Format (Word)
Facility Survey Form (Excel)
Conducting Waste Characteristics (Word)
Resource Conservation Auditor's Tool Kit (Word)
Building Systems Commissioning Checklist (Word)
Facility Baseline Data (Word)
Controls Checklist (Excel)
Energy Savings Potential (Excel)
Energy Savings Est. Worksheet for Night (Excel)
Waste Characterization Data Sheet (Excel)
RCM PowerPoint Presentation (PowerPoint)
Superintendent's Memo to Staff (Word)
School District's Shared Savings Plan (Word)
RCM Mgr's Memo to Bldg. Op, Maint, etc. (Word)
Resolution of Commitment to RCM Prog. (Word)
Sample RCM Goal Statement (Word)
Certificate of Appreciation 1 (Word)
Certificate of Appreciation 2 (Word)
Sample RCM Action Plan (Word)
Annual Res. Cons. Activities Plan (Word)
Technical Information
RCM New Construction Checklist Rec. Form (Excel)
Prescriptive Rec/Energy Efficiency Enhancem. (Word)
Recycling Categories (Word)
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For assistance with School Resource Conservation Management Programs, contact Brandon Adams at the Oregon Department of Energy at 1-800-221-8035 (toll-free within Oregon) or (503) 378-5054 in Salem