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Benefits of Resource Conservation Mgt
Resource Conservation Management can offer your organization numerous benefits, both in the short- and long-term. A succesful RCM program will: Reduce energy, water and solid waste costs through low or no-cost measures.
The RCM program will save money for your organization. Operations changes and low-cost projects resulting from resource conservation management have proven to reduce resource costs 10 to 15 percent. Some of the funds that once went to pay for garbage disposal, energy, water and sewer can be redirected to deferred maintenance projects, capital projects, efficiency incentive programs and other needs. Track resource use, costs and revenues promptly.

A primary responsibility of the Resource Conservation Manager is to itemize and track resource use in all aspects of your organization. Using resource accounting software, your Resource Conservation Manager can analyze billing data to identify billing errors, select better rate schedules, track down inefficient equipment, locate hidden water leaks and institute efficient operational procedures. Once established, resource accounting can also be used to set savings goals for your organization and forecast resource budgets. Stimulate resource efficiency interest among staff and occupants.

Efficiency thrives on good communication. Resource Conservation Managers use proven in-house communication and education strategies to heighten efficiency awareness among operations staff, management and occupants. Identify cost-effective and efficient capital projects.

Through resource tracking, facility audits and gaining a good understanding of each facility's operations, a Resource Conservation Manager can help t identify cost-effective capital projects. RCM can also simplify your budget forecasting because anticipated savings can be calculated in advance and documented during post-project operations. Prepare for buying electricity and gas in the deregulated energy market.

Low-cost deregulated purchases of gas and electricity will be options for organizations that understand their operating characteristics and load demands. Resource tracking and RCM-directed efficiency efforts will help position your organization to take advantage of the economies of the deregulated energy market. Demonstrate responsible resource use to the public.

Almost everyone can use good public relations. When budgets get tight, show your constituents examples of how your organization is carefully and successfully managing resources efficiently. Resource tracking will document the progress of your efficiency efforts. You can show how the improvements benefit the general public, too. Leverage human resources.

Utilities, local government services, state government and federal agencies all have tools, services and, in some cases, funding that can be used in your RCM program efforts.
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