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Torchiere Lamps
A torchiere is a tall floor lamp that shines light upward toward the ceiling. Many torchiere lamps use inefficient, high-power consuming tungsten halogen tube lights of 300 watts or more. Halogen torchiere floor lamps can generate excessive heat and create fire hazards. The temperatures produced by the 300 and 500-watt halogen lights are high enough to ignite drapery and other materials that come in close contact with these lamps.  If you have an old torchiere with a halogen light, seriously consider  replacing it with a cooler, safer and energy efficient compact fluorescent torchiere. The light color mimics that of incandescent lamp, yet delivers approximately 50 percent more light while consuming only one quarter the energy of the halogen torchiere.
For extensive evaluation of torchieres go to http://eande.lbl.gov/lsr/projects/torchiere/torchmain.html