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The school district staff must gather some information from their utility bills before audits can be performed on their schools and before entering Energy Usage Index (EUI) information into the School Interactive Database (SID). SID should be on-line by March 15, 2002.
For each school, the Energy Usage Index (EUI) requires:
  1. Utility bills (12 months summation of usage)
  2. Square footage
  3. Hours of operation
Utility Bills
It is necessary that all fuel types (e.g., electricity and secondary heating fuel) associated with each school be identified.
Many schools also have multiple electric meters and, therefore, multiple electric bills. The same may be true for natural gas meters or other fuels.
It is necessary to collect a minimum of twelve (12) months of all relevant utility bills. For heating oil and other fuels delivered sporadically, twenty-four months of bills should be averaged for the baseline (first) year data that is entered into SID.
A school district can collect the 12 to 24 months of utility billing information in two ways:
  1.  Call the utility provider(s) and request 12 to 24 months summary of bills (ask for kWh, kW, gallons, therms, etc.) for each meter (make sure you provide the meter numbers if you have them or the school address). If your school district already collects this information, then you need to find the appropriate files.
  2. Dig through purchasing files for copies of all the utility bills.
  3. After collecting all the data, the total annual amount of fuel usage by each school facility must be calculated. Add each meter's monthly bill to calculate the annual amount. A school district may use the EUI spreadsheet or the school district's own spreadsheets. Once the total annual amount of fuel usage for each school is calculated, these values can be entered into the SB 1149 Interactive Database (SID). Please note: The SID also requires the fuel provider's name.
Square footage
Because the square footage of the school is used to calculate the Energy Usage Index, this value must be accurate. The best method of obtaining the square footage is to use the design/construction drawings. Another source might be a district fixed asset list. If you have been using square footage values that have been around for a long time, please check them to make sure that they account for modifications (e.g., additions) to the school. As a last resort, you can break out a tape measure and determine the square footage based on measurements.
Hours of Operation
This is the number of hours per year that the school building is being used. When determining your hours of operation, be aware that often the building is "turned on" before most of the staff starts in the morning. This start up includes the boilers, heaters, ventilation, lights and office equipment. Similarly, this equipment may not be shut down until after most of the staff leaves at the end of the day.
In general, the use of a school building is educational, but recognize that many schools have a number of other uses that need to be identified that affect the hours of operation. After-school sports programs, evening classes, community meetings, weekend sports or recreational programs, weekend community uses are just a few examples or extending the operating hours of a school. Also, custodial or maintenance staff commonly work in a school outside of the "normal" school hours.
The SID adjusts the EUI value to correct for the fact that your hours of operation may be longer or shorter than a "typical" Oregon school. The EUI directly affects the type of energy audit that will be recommended for the school and, therefore, the audit's costs and level of sophistication and detail.
After you collect the data
After you have all the necessary data, enter it into the EUI spreadsheet and/or SID. The EUI spreadsheet's calculation of the annual energy data can expedite data entry into SID. SID will use the EUI values to recommend which type of audit (level I, II, or III) should be preformed on the school.You can also compare your results with the proposed energy efficient target ranges for K-12 schools.
EUI spreadsheet
The Energy Use Index (EUI) calculation spreadsheet is designed to calculate an EUI for your building or facility. An EUI is the energy consumed (Btu) within a building divided by its total square feet. Enter your utility data (from all energy sources) from the previous year and the spreadsheet will calculate your EUI.
Download the Energy Use Index Calculation Excel file and complete the forms following the instructions provided. Please call Schools Team at (503) 378-4040  at the Oregon Department of Energy (1-800-221-8035 toll free within Oregon) if you have any questions or comments regarding this EUI spreadsheet.

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