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The following list of auditing firms has been qualified by the Oregon Department of Energy to perform Level 1, 2 or 3 energy audits for schools under Senate Bill 1149 for the Energy Efficient Schools Program.
Before signing a contract, a school district should ensure that the firm is qualified to perform the audit services (e.g., level 3 audits) that the district is requesting. If audits are performed by a non-qualifying firm, the audit and any associated costs will not be eligible for reimbursement.
Auditing firms
The firms are listed below in alphabetical order with contact information and the levels they are qualified to perform. 
The firms listed below have been qualified by the Oregon Department of Energy to perform energy auditing services in schools and other public buildings. This list is not intended to endorse the qualifications of the firms listed below to perform work other than the energy auditing services authorized in the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and its attachments. 
School districts and authorized state agencies are not permitted to use this list of contractors to contract for project management, construction management, design, installation, or any other services that do not match the description of services outlined in this RFQ.
Nothing in this solicitation process, RFQ, or any contemplated or final Agreement for Auditing Services relieves any Contracting Agency from complying with all laws and regulations applicable to public procurement.
To view RFQ, please visit: http://Oregon.gov/ENERGY/
Contracting agencies and qualified firms are responsible for carefully reading all the terms and conditions contained in this RFQ and for following the instructions given.  For more information on performing an audit can be found on our page for qualified energy auditors.
Energy Auditors for Schools or Other Public Buildings
Firm Agreement
Primary Contacts Qualified Lead Energy Auditors
& Qualified Levels
Energy Modelers 
Abacus Resource Management 1/30/2016 Ron Spliethof, (503) 350-3417
                     (503) 310-8814
Mark Kinzer - Level 1&2
Steve Rubbert  - Level 1&2
Rich Davis - Level 1&2
Greg Churchill - Level 1&2
Lauren Donley - Level 1
Ameresco, Inc.  9/30/2015
Cameron Hamilton, (503) 290-1289
Brian Dupont, EIT - Level 1,2&3
Grant Thorsland - Level 1&2
John Farley, PE - Level 1&2
Lonn Inman - Level 1&2
Jason Carver - Level 1&2
Brian Dupont, EIT
​Clima-Tech ​6/09/2016

Brendon Croteau, (503) 650-8482

John Wennstrom, (208) 336-6918

​John Wennstrom – Level 1, 2 & 3 ​John Wennstrom
Global Energy Audits 6/30/2016 Jim Fowler, (206) 954-3614

Jim Fowler – Level 1 & 2

 Jim Fowler
Hodaie Engineering 7/03/2016​ Saifan Hodaie, (503) 808-9295

Saifan Hodaie – Level 1, 2 & 3

 Saifan Hodaie
Johnson Controls, Inc. 6/5/2016 Peter White, (503) 351-0900 Randall D. McWhirter - Level 1,2&3
Jim Taylor - Level 1,2&3
Kevin Wormuth - Level 1,2&3
Taylor Lewis - Level 1
Travis Douglas - Level 1
Jared Mohr - Level 1
Randall D. McWhirter 
McKinstry Essention, Inc. 12/13/2015 Tom Konicke, (503) 331-2476 Felix Kersting - Level 1,2&3
Jon Eicher - Level 1,2&3
Dennis Oberto - Level 1,2&3
Jon Eicher
Dennis Oberto
Quest Inc. ​4/8/2016 David Jump, 510-540-7200 David Jump – Level 1 & 2
Guadalupe Nodal – Level 1 & 2
Matthew Denny – Level 1 & 2
Colin Engler – Level 1
David Zankowsky – Level 1
Victor Vasquez – Level 1



R&W Engineering, Inc. 9/30/2015 Mark Jones, 503-726-3324 Mark Jones - Level 1,2&3
Donald Pfaff - Level 1,2&3
Edward Carlisle - Level 1,2&3
Josh Reiser - Level 1
Heidi Speer - Level 1
Kristen Trone - Level 1,2&3
Josh Reiser
Kristin Trone
Mark Jones
Sharpe Energy Solutions 9/30/2015​ Jeffery Sharpe; 541-531-3436 Jeff Sharpe - Level 1,2&3 Jeff Sharpe
Taylor Sharpe
Solarc Architecture & Engineering Inc.. 7/7/2015 Mike Hatton, 541-349-0966 Mike Hatten - Level 1,2&3
Boz VanHouten - Level 1,2&3
Peter Reppe - Level 1,2&3
Boz VanHouten
Peter Reppe
Kai Cunningham
Devon Guyette
Erika Willis
Systems West Engineers, Inc. 2/14/2016 Jeffrey Graper, (541) 342-7210 Gregory Langdon - Level 1,2&3
Jeffrey Graper - Level 1,2&3
Steven Savich - Level 1,2&3
Steven Savich
Mark Willett
If an energy auditing firm does NOT appear on this list, it is because:
  1. The firm has not submitted a proposal
  2. The firm's proposal is being processed
  3. The firm's proposal has been denied
Choosing an Energy Audit Firm
Choosing the right energy audit firm can be difficult. Not only must the school district consider the firm's qualifications, but your school district must match its identified needs and future plans to the abilities of the energy auditing firm.
The school district's needs can range from simply acquiring equipment specifications during the audit process to requiring detailed engineering design for several energy efficiency and non-energy efficiency upgrades.
To help you choose the firm that best matches your needs and plans, please check out the following:
  1. A link to the firm’s website (links are provided above)
  2. A schedule of fees and the counties they provide services within. To view a schedule of fees for qualifying firms please contact Christie Sphoon at 503-373-7430 or christie.l.sphoon@odoe.state.or.us.
Because the Oregon Department of Energy can not advise you on which firm to select, we suggest you perform one or more of the following:
  1. Complete and sent the Audit Information Form to ODOE to be sent out to all qualified auditing firms.
  2. Visit the auditing firm's websites and review their schedule of fees.
  3. Ask the auditing firm to visit and explain their services
  4. Follow your school district's rules regarding the hiring of
All proposals are on file at the Oregon Department of Energy. If you wish to read them, an authorized school district agent can contact Christie Sphoon at 503-373-7430 or christie.l.sphoon@odoe.state.or.us.
More information on choosing and hiring an energy audit firm can be found in How to Hire an Energy Auditor to Identify Energy Efficiency Projects, published by the California Energy Commission. 

Program Guidelines and Energy Audits for School Buildings RFQ

The Request for Proposal Qualifications (RFQ) for energy auditors is now available.
Hiring an Energy Audit Firm
After choosing the energy audit firm that best fits the school district's needs and price range, please make sure that any contract signed between the school district and the auditing firm specifies that all requirements and forms of the RFQ will be met. A Scope of Work Approval Form will need to be submitted by the auditing firm to ODOE to receive approval to move forward with audits.

Send to: 
Oregon Department of Energy
Attention: Schools Team
625 Marion St. NE
Salem, OR 97301-3737
Fax: 503-373-7806 
If you have any questions, please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions about Schools and SB 1149, e-mail the Oregon Department of Energy Schools Team staff member at sb1149.sch@odoe.state.or.us, or call us at 503-378-4040.