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SB1149 Procedures for Reviewing Energy Audits
The Oregon Department of Energy will be reviewing energy audits as part of our agreement with the Education Service Districts (ESDs). Following are the review procedures that the Oregon Department of Energy will use for reviewing the energy audits produced by each of the qualified energy audit companies. As part of the agreement with the ESDs, each company will have at least one audit from each audit level reviewed each year.
Document Review
  • Check annual hours of operation

  • Check utility data

  • Check simple paybacks for reasonableness

  • Check calculation methodology (simple, bin, DOE2) for appropriateness

  • Check equations for accuracy, completeness and appropriateness

  • Check proposed measures descriptions (e.g., sufficient information for audience)

  • Check building descriptions against proposed measures

  • Check proposed measure against description of existing equipment

  • Check for interactive effects of proposed measures

  • Check for customization (i.e., if proposed measures are routine or show understanding of the energy systems proposed solutions)

  • Check if non-energy issues are addressed or ignored (i.e., Indoor Air Qualify (IAQ)

  • Compare data gathered from on-site survey to report assumptions, calculations, and recommendations
On-Site Survey
The on-site survey is, in essence, an energy audit. On-site survey will focus on these two items:
First, the operation and condition of the equipment associated with the analyzed Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) and Operation and Maintenance Measures (O & Ms) will be surveyed in detail. Surveying will range from visual inspection to long-term monitoring using Oregon Department of Energy datalogging equipment. In addition, any equipment limits, problems, constraints concerning the operational and design circumstances will be reviewed to determine if the proposed EEMs can be implemented as stated in the audit report.
Second, the Oregon Department of Energy will check to determine if the energy audit found all the potential EEMs that exist at the facility.
On site survey will check at least the following items:
  • Check heating, cooling and ventilation equipment as well as water heating equipment and lighting

  • Check boiler combustion air-fuel ratio

  • Check outside air dampers for:
    • Freedom of motion
    • Correct operation (close at night, economizer operation)

  • Check control operation for:
    • Start-up and shutdown procedures (i.e., sequence of operation)
    • Other control sequences (if possible due to weather conditions)

  • Obtain data trending from DDC system

  • Check for problems with equipment operation
    • Excessive on/off
    • Check for problems within maintenance procedures

  • Check condition of equipment

  • Check for non-energy issues (e.g., IAQ)

  • Check for EEMs and O&Ms NOT contained in report

  • Interview staff on temperature and IAQ problems/issues