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ODOE: State Energy Loan Program


Featured Content: Central Oregon Irrigation District: The power in piping


Central Oregon Irrigation District: The power in piping

Featured Content

The Central Oregon Irrigation District provides both agricultural and industrial water to about 3,600 customers along the Deschutes River. COID’s Juniper Ridge Hydroelectric Project, completed in the fall of 2010, is a 2.5-mile canal piping project centered on a five megawatt hydro facility. The $17 million SELP loan made the project possible. Not only will the project produce enough renewable power for about 1,300 homes, but the piping will save water that was previously lost to seepage and allow less water to be taken from the river. Once the loan is paid off, COID will sell about $300,000 in power each year. For more, please go here.

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