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Featured Content: Governor Kitzhaber releases 10-Year Energy Action Plan


Governor Kitzhaber releases 10-Year Energy Action Plan

Featured Content

On December 17, 2012, Governor Kitzhaber released the final 10-Year Energy Action Plan. The plan prioritizes maintaining competitively low energy prices for Oregonians by ensuring that the energy investments made today will strengthen the economy over time. Oregonians spend approximately $14 billion on energy each year and 85 percent of that money leaves the state. The comprehensive plan outlines strategies that meet energy conservation, renewable energy, greenhouse gas reduction, and transportation objectives, with strategies that help to create investment opportunities to keep more capital circulating locally. The draft plan, built with the advice of hundreds of Oregonians and organizations, went out for public comment in June of 2012. More than 1,500 people submitted written comments or participated in a series of public meetings about the plan. To view the plan, please go here: 10-Year Energy Action Plan.

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