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Staff Directory

Office of the Director

Unless otherwise noted, all phone numbers are in the (503) area code.
Kaplan, Michael ​Director ​373-7563


​Freeman, Robin ​Legislative Coordinator ​373-2293


​Heuberger, Stacey ​Office Operations Analyst ​378-4128 ​​stacey.heuberger@Oregon.gov​

Human Resources
Bures, Linda  Human Resource Manager 378-8278 linda.s.bures@Oregon.gov
Beilstein, Sally Human Resource Analyst 373-2119 sally.beilstein@Oregon.gov
​Paeschke, Leslie ​Human Resource Analyst ​373-0051 leslie.a.paeschke@Oregon.gov
​Vesper, Kelli ​Human Resource Analyst ​378-3752 ​kelli.vesper@oregon.gov

Wray, Rachel Communications Manager  378-5054 rachel.wray@Oregon.gov
​Kalez, Jennifer ​Public Information and Outreach Coordinator ​480-9239 jennifer.kalez@Oregon.gov
Voliva, Cliff Public Information and Outreach Coordinator 378-3637


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Energy Development Services

Vacant Division Administrator
​Ross, Elizabeth ​Policy Analyst ​378-8534

Business Energy Incentives
Brady, Mark Energy Analyst 373-7954 mark.a.brady@Oregon.gov
​Elias, Evan ​Energy Analyst ​378-6044 evan.m.elias@Oregon.gov
Gilchrist, Roland Energy Analyst 378-3926 roland.gilchrist@Oregon.gov

Energy Tax Credits, Grants, and Compliance 

Williams, Michael Manager 378-6508 michael.a.williams@Oregon.gov
Davis, Deby ​RETC Lead / Energy Analyst ​378-8351 deby.s.davis@Oregon.gov
​Harding, Ralph ​Compliance Officer ​934-4003 ralph.harding@Oregon.gov
​Hinshaw, Tammera ​Program Assistant ​378-8211 tammera.hinshaw@Oregon.gov
​Mitchell, Janette ​Program Assistant ​378-6916 ​​janette.mitchell@Oregon.gov​ 
​Short, Janis ​Program Specialist ​378-4032 janis.l.short@Oregon.gov
​Stone, Julie ​RETC Program Specialist ​​373-7035 julie.stone@Oregon.gov
​Suzuki, Tina ​RETC Program Specialist ​373-2123 tina.suzuki@Oregon.gov
​Wetherbee, Jenifer ​Program Specialist ​378-5049 jenifer.wetherbee@Oregon.gov

Energy Loan Program
Vacant Loan Manager  
​Bishop, Vincent ​Accountant ​373-1032 vince.bishop@Oregon.gov
​Foster, Colleen ​Accountant ​373-7703 colleen.foster@Oregon.gov
Hobbs, John Project Development Officer 378-5048 john.hobbs@Oregon.gov

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Energy Facility Siting

Cornett, Todd Division Administrator 378-8328 todd.cornett@Oregon.gov
​Clifford, Katie ​Siting Analyst ​373-0076 katie.clifford@Oregon.gov
​Esterson, Sarah ​Siting Analyst ​373-7945 sarah.esterson@Oregon.gov 
​Fleming, Sisily ​Siting Fiscal Analyst ​378-8356


Kilsdonk, Duane Compliance Officer 373-0037 duane.kilsdonk@Oregon.gov 
​Kooistra, Esther ​Division Assistant ​373-2294 esther.kooistra@Oregon.gov
McVeigh-Walker, Chase​ ​Siting Analyst 934-1582​ ​​Chase.McVeigh-Walker@Oregon.gov​
​Mole, Sean ​Operations/Policy Analyst ​934-4005 ​​sean.mole@Oregon.gov
​Sierman, Jason ​Rulemaking Coordinator ​373-2127 jason.sierman@Oregon.gov 
​Tardaewether, Kellen ​Siting Analyst ​373-0214 ​kellen.tardaewether@oregon.gov​
​Woods, Maxwell ​Senior Policy Advisor 378-5050 maxwell.woods@Oregon.gov 

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Energy Planning & Innovation

Ginsburg, Andy Division Administrator 378-6510
​Ross, Linda ​Division Assistant ​​378-6874

Energy Efficiency and Conservation
Cook, Warren Manager 378-2856


Belmont, Jonathon ​Schools Program Coordinator ​373-7947
​Elliott, Tom ​Schools/State Buildings Energy Analyst ​373-7085 tom.elliott@Oregon.gov
Fagin, Emily​ ​Administrative Assistant 373-1033 ​emily.fagin@Oregon.gov
Hushagen, Ann Energy Analyst 373-7804 ann.hushagen@Oregon.gov
​Kainu, Roger ​Residential Energy Analyst 580-7469 roger.kainu@Oregon.gov
​Radcliffe, Kaci ​Schools/State Buildings Energy Analyst ​378-4041 kaci.radcliffe@Oregon.gov
​Richardson, Tracy ​Building Services Coordinator/Program Analyst ​373-2294 tracy.richardson@Oregon.gov
​Shelide, Blake Facilities Engineer ​373-7809 blake.shelide@Oregon.gov
Sphoon, Christie Energy Specialist 373-7430 christie.l.sphoon@Oregon.gov
Stipe, Marty Facilities Engineer/Energy Analyst 378-4926 marty.stipe@Oregon.gov

Energy Technology and Policy 

Reichers, Jessica Manager 934-4004 jessica.reichers@Oregon.gov
​Avery, Daniel ​Senior Policy Analyst ​373-2295 daniel.avery@Oregon.gov
Broad, Diane Senior Policy Analyst 378-4035 diane.broad@Oregon.gov
Carver, Phil Senior Policy Analyst 373-7115


​Del Mar, Robert ​Field Energy Analyst ​​302-7027 robert.delmar@Oregon.gov
​Schultz, Adam ​Senior Policy Analyst ​373-2125 adam.schultz@Oregon.gov
Shipley, Jessica Senior Policy Analyst 378-3780 jessica.shipley@Oregon.gov
​Simons, Wendy ​Senior Policy Analyst ​378-6043 wendy.simons@Oregon.gov
​Smith, Rebecca ​Senior Policy Analyst ​373-7955 rebecca.smith@Oregon.gov
Wallace, Rick Senior Policy Analyst 378-3265 rick.wallace@Oregon.gov
​Warren, Andrew ​Senior Policy Analyst ​373-7875 andrew.warren@Oregon.gov
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Nuclear Safety

Niles, Ken Division Administrator 378-4906 ken.niles@Oregon.gov
Dunning, Dirk Nuclear Material Specialist 378-3187 dirk.a.dunning@Oregon.gov
Engstrom, Dale Natural Resources Specialist  378-5584 dale.engstrom@Oregon.gov
Henry, Deanna Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Coordinator 378-8722 deanna.henry@Oregon.gov
​Lovtang, Sara ​Hanford Ecologist ​378-4456 sara.lovtang@Oregon.gov
​Reese, Mark ​Nuclear Emergency Planner ​378-4131


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Central Services

Johnson, Blake Division Administrator 373-2226 blake.johnson@Oregon.gov

​Knight, Mary ​Fiscal Data Analyst ​373-7562


Sweet, Joshua Budget Analyst

Finance & Operations
Lemke, Jan
Finance and Operations Manager 378-2843 jan.lemke@Oregon.gov
​Deng, Li ​Senior Accountant ​373-2299 ​​li.deng@Oregon.gov
​Deaver, Josh ​Payroll ​378-3267 joshua.deaver@Oregon.gov
​Janke, Debra ​Senior Contracts Officer ​378-8607 debbie.janke@Oregon.gov
​Kooistra, Esther ​Building Services Coordinator/Program Analyst ​373-2294 esther.kooistra@Oregon.gov
Lorimor, Wendy Travel/Accounts Receiveable 378-6504 wendy.lorimor@Oregon.gov
​McCartney, Benjamin ​Purchasing & Contracts Officer ​378-2698 benjamin.mccartney@Oregon.gov
Peppler, Michael Accountant 378-3268 michael.h.peppler@Oregon.gov
​Richardson, Tracy ​Building Services Coordinator/Program Analyst ​373-2294 tracy.richardson@Oregon.gov
Thompson, George Funding Officer 378-3767 george.d.thompson@Oregon.gov
​Wachtler, Bethany ​Contracts Officer ​378-6968 bethany.wachtler@Oregon.gov
​Whitethorn, Angie ​Receptionist ​378-4040 angie.whitethorn@Oregon.gov
Wronski, Pat Mail Room/Receptionist 378-4040 pat.wronski@Oregon.gov

Information Services & Technology
Rosenbalm, Jake IT Manager 378-6503


Bates, Allan Web/GIS 373-7299 allan.bates@Oregon.gov 
Gores, Jim Fiscal Data Analyst 373-0075 jim.gores@Oregon.gov
Kauwe, Bryant Network Support Analyst 373-1158 bryant.k.kauwe@Oregon.gov
Lampert, Eric User Support Analyst 378-5745 eric.lampert@Oregon.gov 
Lewis, David Database Developer 373-2225 david.lewis@Oregon.gov
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