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Oregon Cellulose-Ethanol Study

The Oregon Cellulose-Ethanol Study was issued by the Oregon Department of Energy in June 2000. The Department commissioned the study to evaluate the near-term potential of a cellulose-based ethanol industry in the state.

The Oregon Cellulose-Ethanol Study contains an overview of cellulose feedstocks available in Oregon. It discusses the status of cellulose-ethanol technology and includes the results of an economic modeling analysis conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
Oregon has an abundance cellulose feedstocks that could be used for ethanol production. The study includes a preliminary feedstock assessment with information about current market demand and uses, cost, collection potential, qualities and geographic concentrations.
A major objective of the study was to identify critical barriers and assess perceived risks to the development of commercial ethanol production in Oregon. The report addresses possible methods to overcome obstacles through the use of low-cost resources in Oregon. The report identifies market opportunities and suggests public policy initiatives.

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Oregon Cellulose-Ethanol Study
An evaluation of the potential for ethanol production in Oregon using cellulose-based feedstocks by Angela Graf and Tom Koehler
Oregon Cellulose-Ethanol Study [PDF, 400 kb]
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I. Overview of Policy Rationales for a Cellulose-Ethanol Industry in Oregon
II. Status of Commercial Cellulose-Ethanol Developments in the United States
III. Preliminary Feedstock Assessment for Cellulose-Ethanol Production in Oregon
IV. Economic Analysis of Cellulose-Ethanol Production in Oregon
V. Ethanol Market in Oregon
VI. Overview of Possible Sites for an Ethanol Facility
VII. Conclusions
Appendix A  [PDF, 82 kb]: Oregon Biomass-to-Ethanol Project: Pre-feasibility Study and Modeling Results
Appendix AA  [PDF, 570 kb]: Model Inputs and Assumptions
Appendix B  [PDF, 16 kb]: Overview of Cellulose-Ethanol Production Technology
Appendix C  [PDF, 58 kb]: Status and Growth of U.S. Ethanol Production and Markets
Appendix D  [PDF, 22 kb]: Federal and State Market Considerations
Appendix E  [PDF, 8 kb]: Oregon Incentives for Industry Development
Appendix F  [PDF, 12 kb]: Financial Forecast Model
Table 1  [PDF, 7 kb]: Worksheet
Table 2  [PDF, 11 kb]: Production Assumptions
Table 3  [PDF, 9 kb]: Financial Assumptions
Table 4  [PDF, 11 kb]: Pro Forma Balance Sheets
Table 5  [PDF, 11 kb]: Projected Statement of Earnings
Table 6  [PDF, 9 kb]: Projected Statement of Changes in Financial Position
Table 7  [PDF, 9 kb]: Interim Funding Schedule
Table 8  [PDF, 9 kb]: Engineering and Construction Cost Summary
Table 9  [PDF, 9 kb]: Production and Sales, Months 13-24
Table 10  [PDF, 8 kb]: Feedstock Expense, Months 13-24
Table 11  [PDF, 9 kb]: Operating Expense, Months 13-24
Table 12  [PDF, 9 kb]: Fees and Other Expense, Months 1-24
Table 13  [PDF, 10 kb]: Interim Period Labor Summary, Months 1-24
References [PDF, 7 kb]