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OGWG 4 Mintues and Agenda
This meeting was held in McMenamin’s Old St. Francis School, 700 NW Bond Street, Bend on Thursday, November 3, 2005, 9 AM to 4:00 PM. The meeting was well attended by about 30 stakeholders. The agenda  is shown on the last page of these minutes.
Curtis Framel of the USDOE gave an update on the GeoPowering the West (GPW) program. His full presentation is shown on the Oregon Geothermal Working Group Web page: http://oregon.gov/ENERGY/RENEW/Geothermal/OGWG4-Presentations.shtml  Curtis emphasized that the GPW program is a state-focused strategy, building on state-level support for increased use of geothermal energy. Discussion also covered the uncertain nature of continued federal funds for geothermal energy programs and projects. Curtis further explained that the coordinating role of the state geothermal working groups is crucial in the next funding cycle.
Al Waibel and Alex Sifford gave the highlights of the GRC Annual Meeting that was held in Reno in September. The attendance of that meeting was high. Among other things, concern was expressed about the threat to the USDOE Geothermal budget and attendees were encouraged to lobby their Congressional Delegations to maintain the program. Alex discussed the financing power plants sessions and made copies of two papers available to audience members.  He mentioned highlights from the successful GEA Trade Show, field trips to power plants in what is now south Reno and the state GPW summit that followed the annual meeting.
Curtis continued with an overview of what the Energy Policy Act of 2005 means for the geothermal industry. Aside from the inclusion of Geothermal power in the type of resources that are eligible for the 1.9 cents per kWh production tax credits, there are other changes in the law that will encourage geothermal development. Curtis highlighted the change how royalties are split, new Clean Renewable Energy Bonds, and leasing changes by BLM. His full presentation can be found at http://oregon.gov/ENERGY/RENEW/Geothermal/OGWG.shtml, starting with slide 15.
Roger Hill from Sandia Labs explained the goals of the newly formed Utility Geothermal Working Group (UGWG). The Group has selected Guy Nelson as its Executive Director. Roger was encouraged to have the UGWG contact the Utility Wind Interest Group to learn from its experience.
John Pease from BPA made a brief public announcement on the availability of a new renewable energy fund of about $5.5 million. This fund can be used by anyone. John is particularly encouraging projects by public/private partnerships with economic development aspects.
After the break we had two speakers discuss the Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) efforts in the state. Steve Munson of Vulcan Power gave a summary of his successful efforts in other states and the failed effort in Oregon during the last Legislative Session.
Troy Gagliano of the Renewable Northwest Project (RNP) explained the concerns RNP and others had as to a push for an RPS during the session, primarily because of past agreements to get SB 1149 (public purpose charge) passed and potential impacts on the work by the Energy Trust of Oregon. Both the Governor’s Global Warming initiative and the Renewable Energy Action Plan will have task forces that will review the effectiveness of an RPS in reaching the stated goals in the coming months.
Carel DeWinkel gave an update on the PURPA proceedings before the Oregon Public Utility Commission (UM1129). His summary presentation is shown on the OGWG web page: http://egov.oregon.gov/ENERGY/RENEW/Geothermal/OGWG.shtml.  The natural gas forecast used by the utilities and contract language issues are still being reviewed in on-going procedures. A second phase of UM 1129 will start shortly. During that phase issues of contract language for systems larger than 10 MW will also be included.
After lunch, Kim Niggeman of Nevada Geothermal Power Inc. gave an excellent presentation of current efforts and next steps for her company’s effort to develop the resources at Crump Geyser, just north of Adel in Lake County. Her presentation can be found on the OGWG web page: http://egov.oregon.gov/ENERGY/RENEW/Geothermal/OGWG.shtml.
Clark Niewendorp of the Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) described a proposed geothermal evaluation project in Christmas Valley where the US Air Force is scheduled to shut down its radar site and where the Oregon National Guard may develop the site for its training usage.  His presentation, which contains several great images of Christmas Valley, can be found on the OGWG web page: http://egov.oregon.gov/ENERGY/RENEW/Geothermal/OGWG.shtml.
Finally, Jim Hansen of AHZ, LLC outlined his company’s plan to develop a geothermal electricity generating plant in the Newberry Volcano crater. Jim made it clear that he is aware of the risks and difficulties to develop such a site. He told the audience that sensitive sites in other parts of the world have been successfully developed with minimal visual and other environmental impacts.
The meeting ended with a discussion of the need to have the next workshop focus on direct heat applications and that this meeting should reach out to other audiences beyond the Klamath Falls area. A workshop in Harney or Malheur County will be considered.
The planned field trip for the next morning to the Newberry Volcano was cancelled because of winter weather.

Oregon Geothermal Working Group Meeting
Bend, OR, November 3, 2005
09:00         Welcome/Introductions – Carel DeWinkel, Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE)
09:15         GeoPowering the West Initiative – Status Report, Curtis Framel, US Department of
                  Energy (USDOE)
09:45         Highlights from the Geothermal Research Council’s Annual meeting - Al Waibel,
                  Columbia Geoscience and Alex Sifford, Ecos Consulting
10:00         The new Energy Bill, what does it mean for geothermal development – Curtis Framel,
10:15         The new Utility Geothermal Working Group – Roger Hill, Sandia Lab
10:30         Break
10:45         Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS): Troy Gagliano, Renewable Northwest Project
                  (RNP); Steve Munson, Vulcan Power, and general discussion
11:45         PURPA (Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act of 1978) update for systems smaller
                  and larger than 10 MW – Carel DeWinkel, ODOE
12:00         Lunch ($10 per person for buffet lunch, to be paid on site)
01:30         Lake County Geothermal Prospects
  • Crump Geyser, Kim Niggemann for Brian Fairbank, Nevada Geothermal Power Inc.
  • Christmas Valley, Clark Niewendorp, Dep. of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI)
02:30         Newberry Volcano project, Jim Hansen, AHZ, LLC
03:00         Discussion on direct heat: next workshop, other
03:30         Next steps
NOTE – We are planning a field trip Nov. 4 from 8:00 until 12:00 to Newberry Volcano.