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FAQs for ODOE's ARRA Program
What is ARRA?
ARRA stands for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and commonly referred to as stimulus.
The Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) received federal funding through this act from the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE). ODOE is responsible to report to both the USDOE and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) regarding its use of the funds.

What is the intent of ARRA?
Stimulate job creation and preservation; promote investment and consumer spending during the recession. The Act includes tax incentives, social welfare provisions, and domestic spending in education, health care and energy sector infrastructure.

How much ARRA funding did ODOE receive?
ODOE received four different grant funding sources through ARRA for a total of $55,959,249. Here is the breakdown:
  1. State Energy Program funding -  $42,182,000
  2. Energy-Efficiency Conservation Block Grant funding - $9,593,500
  3. State Energy-Efficient Appliance Rebate Program funding - $3,636,000
  4. Energy Assurance Planning funding - $547,749

What is ODOE doing with the ARRA funds?
  • Energy conservation and renewable energy retro-fit projects in public and private buildings
  • Transportation activities, i.e. electrical vehicle charging stations
  • Woodstove replacements
  • Appliance replacement with ENERGY STAR products
  • Energy conservation projects for irrigation and hydro power
  • Conducting water conservation and renewable energy feasibility studies

Does ODOE have more funds available for activities/projects?
ODOE has obligated all grant funds at this point. As projects are implemented and completed, ODOE will evaluate what to do with any remaining funds that went unused or were withdrawn.
To be notified of future opportunities, you can sign up for automatic e-mail notification at http://www.oregon.gov/ENERGY/Recovery/Funding.shtml

Are there funds available for appliance rebates and replacemen
ODOE has partnered with the Oregon Housing and Community Services department to deliver appliance rebates to eligible low-income households.
For more details, please call 1-800-453-5511, (option 2, selection 4), or go to the OHCS website and click on Appliance Rebate Program.

What appliances qualify for a rebate?
Qualifying appliances include ENERGY STAR-rated refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers, hot water heaters, furnaces and heat pumps.
Before you make a purchase, go to www.energystar.gov/ to check if your make and model qualify as ENERGY STAR-rated.
If you have questions about heat pumps, please call ODOE representatives, Rebecca Sweetland 503-551-2849 or Trish Bunsen 503-373-2120.

Where can I find out more information about ARRA projects in m
The State of Oregon has a webpage that shows the distribution of awards to state agencies.

When must projects be completed?
ARRA projects need to be completed in the calendar year 2012. Specific dates are subject to the individual grant periods for each award.

Are there constraints to the SEP and Block Grant projects?
Yes, there are regulations and requirements for State Energy Program and energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant projects.
ARRA funding recipients are subject to prevailing wage laws (Davis-Bacon Act), Buy American provisions, State Historical Preservation Act and National Environmental Protection Act clearances.