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Qualified Energy Auditing Firms 

The auditing firms in the following list have been qualified by the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) to perform energy audits for schools within the SB 1149 Schools Program. The list below is not intended as an endorsement by ODOE. See the full Disclaimer  at the bottom of this page.
Before signing a contract, a school district should ensure that the firm is qualified to perform the specific audit services that the district is requesting. If audits are performed by a non-qualifying firm, the audit and any associated audit measures will not be eligible for reimbursement through the school district’s SB 1149 funds.    
Contracting agencies and qualified firms are responsible for carefully reading all the terms and conditions contained in this Request for Qualifications (RFQ), the Prequalified List Agreement for Energy Auditing Services, and the Energy Audit Requirements and Audit Report Template and Requirements. For more information on the Energy Audit Requirements and the Audit Report Template and Requirement, please visit: http://www.oregon.gov/energy/SCHOOLS/Sb1149/Pages/RFQ-SB1149_Program_Changes.aspx 

Energy Auditors for Schools

Firm Agreement
Primary Contacts Qualified Energy Auditors
Energy Modelers 
Abacus Resource Management 10/31/2017 Ron Spliethof, 503-350-3417
Mark Kinzer
Steve Rubbert
Rich Davis
Greg Churchill
Lauren Bromley
Tom Van Liew
Alternative Energy Systems Consulting, Inc.​ (AESC) 10/31/2017 Brian Lynch, 503-442-0000 ​ ​Antonio Corradini
Cliff Alberts
Justin Westmoreland
​Keith Valenzuela
Cliff Alberts
Joseph Ling
Akane Karasawa
Ameresco, Inc.  10/31/2017 Joe O'Donnell, 503-290-1299 Lonn Inman
Jason Carver
Michael Pacella ​
EMG Corporation ​10/31/2018 Erik Piller​
800-733-0660 x2704
John McLurg
Valentin Tinajero
Energy and Resource Solutions, Inc.  ​10/31/2018 Bryan Kilgore
​Bryan Kilgore
Max Twogood
Yogesh Patil
Sameer Desai
Carl McDonell
​Levon Whyte
Max Twogood
Dan Birleanu
Global Energy Audits 10/31/2018 Jim Fowler, 206-954-3614

Jim Fowler

Dick Armstrong​
Glumac, Inc 10/31/2017​
Rem Wilson, 503-227-5280

Mitch Dec
, 503-227-5280
Mitch Dec
Chris Lowen
Kevin Dow
Jason Dubose
Kirk Davis
James Thomas
Geoff Winslow
Jennifer Kaye
James Jen
​Mitch Dec
Chris Lowen
Brian Goldsmith
Hodaie Engineering 7/02/2018​ Saifan Hodaie, 503-808-9295

Saifan Hodaie

Saifan Hodaie
Interface Engineering ​10/31/2017 Rob Matteson​, 503-382-2662 Bo Xu Bo Xu
Jian Ho
Shem Heiple
Karl Friesen and Associates, LLC​ 10/31/2017 Karl Friesen, 503-686-1176 Karl Friesen​ Karl Friesen​​
McKinstry Essention, Inc. 10/31/2017 Christina Skellenger, 503-278-3925
Andrew Tranovich
Dennis Oberto
Felix Kersting
Mike Johnson
Felix Kersting ​
Mike Johnson
Dennis Oberto
Nexant, Inc.​ ​10/31/2018 ​​Lonny Peet,
​Saurabh Wadwalkar
Josh Gibson
Christopher Cox
​Saurabh Wadwalkar
Christopher Cox
R&W Engineering, Inc. 10/31/2017 Mark Jones, 503-726-3324 Mark Jones
Donald Pfaff
Heather Harris
Heidi Speer
Kristen Trone
Kristin Trone
Mark Jones
Sharpe Energy Solutions ​10/31/2017​​ Jeffery Sharpe, 541-531-3436 ​Jeff Sharpe ​Taylor Sharpe
09/13/2018 ​ Mike Hatten​, 541-349-0966​ Mike Hatten
Michael McClendon
John Alberte
Kai Cunningham
Devon Guyett
Erika Willis ​
Mike Hatten
Michael McClendon
Kai Cunningham
Devon Guyett
Erika Willis​
Summit Building Engineering PS ​10/31/18 ​​Scott Nelson, 503-805-9113 Karl Strum
Scott Nelson​
Dennis Hunt
Dennis Hunt
Systems West Engineers, Inc. 10/31/2017 Gregory Langdon, 541-342-7210

Adam Mangrich
Steven Savich
Peter Reppe

Steven Savich
Peter Reppe


Choosing an Energy Audit Firm

Choosing the right energy audit firm can be difficult. Not only must the school district consider the firm's qualifications, but your school district must match its identified needs and future plans to the abilities of the energy auditing firm.
The school district's needs can range from a whole building audit that would look at all energy using systems, to a targeted energy audit that is only looking at one or two specific systems.
The Oregon Department of Energy cannot advise you on which firm to select. To help you select the firm that best matches your needs and plans, we suggest the following steps:
  1. Confirm and follow any school district procurement rules and regulations regarding selecting and hiring an energy audit firm
  2. Complete and send the Audit Information Form to ODOE to send out to all qualified energy auditing firms or school district can contact at least three energy audit firms directly to discuss availability and needs
  3. Schedule site visits for energy audit firms so the firm is able to provide a bid estimate and discuss their services
  4. Review all bid estimates and select a bid that meets the school district’s needs

All proposals are on file at the Oregon Department of Energy. If you wish to read them, an authorized school district agent can contact Christie Sphoon at 503-373-7430 or at christie.l.sphoon@odoe.state.or.us.

Hiring an Energy Audit Firm

After choosing the energy audit firm that best fits the school district's needs and price range, the school district and energy auditing firm will complete the Scope of Work Approval Form. 

The Scope of Work Approval Form will need to be submitted to ODOE, to review and approve, prior to executing a contract. Once the Scope of Work Approval Form has been approved by ODOE, the school district and energy auditing firm may complete a contract that specifies the approved scope for the energy audit(s) and specifies that all SB 1149 Schools Program energy audit requirements will be met.

Send to: 
Oregon Department of Energy
Attention: Schools Team
625 Marion St. NE
Salem, OR 97301-3737
Fax: 503-373-7806



The energy auditing firms listed above have been qualified by the Oregon Department of Energy to perform energy auditing services in schools. This list is not intended to endorse the qualifications of the firms listed to perform work other than the energy auditing services authorized in the RFQ, the Energy Audit Requirements, or Audit Report Template and Requirements.
School districts and authorized state agencies are not permitted to use this list of contractors to contract for project management, construction management, design, installation, or any other services that do not match the description of services outlined in this RFQ.
Nothing in this solicitation process, RFQ, or any contemplated or final Prequalified List Agreement for Energy Auditing Services relieves any Contracting Agency from complying with all laws and regulations applicable to public procurement. 


If you have any questions, please see our list of FAQs about Schools and SB 1149, email the ODOE Schools Team staff member at sb1149.sch@odoe.state.or.us, or call us at 503-378-4040.